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The Best Minecraft Maps

We have all the bases covered with the best Minecraft maps, including adventure, horror, survival, dropper, puzzle, parkour, and multiplayer maps.
What are the best Minecraft maps? Minecraft is the inventor’s paradise, but it is also the connoisseur’s nightmare. Thanks to the huge number of user-created Minecraft maps, finding the finest creations is almost impossible. Who has time these days to sift through hundreds of Minecraft maps, devour them with their digital senses, and conclude which ones are worth your time? Well, us. We have scoured forums, marathoned YouTube videos, and sampled more of the best Minecraft maps than we can count on to bring you the definitive list. No, no need to thank us, we like seeing you smile. To find the best from the mind-boggling array of Minecraft map goodness, we have whittled down the finest user-created environments and placed them into their category. Whether you fancy a Minecraft dropper map to plunge through or a Minecraft city map to living out your dream– if blocky– worldly life, we have absolutely everything you need. Enjoy!

Here are the best Minecraft maps by category:

Minecraft adventure maps
Minecraft horror maps
Minecraft survival maps
Minecraft city maps
Minecraft dropper maps
Minecraft puzzle maps
Minecraft multiplayer maps
Minecraft castle maps
Minecraft parkour maps

Minecraft adventure maps

Adventure maps for Minecraft are stand-alone experiences emphasizing exploration and, frequently, combat over a building. Be prepared for traps, challenges, and various secrets. Additionally, although you can play a lot of them fairly nicely alone, some are better with others. The best part is that many fantastic Minecraft adventure maps are ready for you to explore because the community is so creative.
But remember that almost all of them will have specific guidelines or settings that you must adhere to for them to function effectively before packing your blocky bag.


Are there any issues in the world that parkour cannot resolve? BiomeBox’s inventor doesn’t appear to concur.
Players can platform across ten visually varied levels, each of which is themed on a different biome. For example, they can jump directly into a dreamy twilight area from the Nether to the cake.


Psychologists and others who spend their days thinking a lot have long been fascinated by dreams and nightmares. Recently, map creators for Minecraft have stepped up to address the issue of what occurs when we take a nap. In the case of Asleep, that results in an absurdly enjoyable journey through space, the Nether, and a few on-fire structures.

Herobrine’s Mansion

Hypixel, one of the most well-liked creators in the community, is the author of Herobrine’s Mansion. This map is jam-packed with loads of things to find, including unique potions, boss fights, and bespoke monsters.
It’s widely recognized as one of the best adventure maps, and although it’s meant to be played with companions, you may also have fun playing it yourself.

Adventure Time

When is it now? If you need to know the answer to that query, you can bet that you won’t understand much of the information on this map.
This Adventure Time-inspired map takes players to the magical Land of Ooo using a custom texture pack.

The Tourist

In addition to having some of the most stunning structures in the game’s realms, The Tourist also has minigames and its soundtrack.
Depending on how much time you want to spend admiring the building, it’s also one of the longer adventure maps out there, taking about four hours to complete.

Kingdom of the Sky

The Tourist has minigames, its soundtrack, and some of the most stunning structures in all of the game’s realms.
It’s also one of the longer adventures maps out there, taking about four hours to complete, depending on how much time you want to spend admiring the buildings.

Deep Space Turtle Chase

It took three months for the developers of this sci-fi Minecraft map to completely reimagine the game’s blocky, pastoral setting. Dr. Earl S. Testudine, a wanted felon, is believed to be hiding on a mining station beyond Tarsus 3 in Deep Space Turtle Chase. It will take all your cunning and skill to catch him.

Before following the installation instructions, please back up your original map copy since it is a complete conversion for Minecraft.

Wrath of the Fallen

The three months it took to entirely rethink the blocky, pastoral environment of the game for the creators of this sci-fi Minecraft map. In Deep Space Turtle Chase, it is thought that the wanted felon Dr. Earl S. Testudine, is hiding out on a mining station outside of Tarsus 3. To catch him, you’ll need all of your cunning and expertise.

Since the map is a complete translation for Minecraft, create a backup of your current copy before proceeding with the installation instructions.

The Escapists 2

This incredibly excellent map for The Escapists 2 was inspired by one of the best prison simulation games (if that’s even a genre), separate from the game of the same name. Eight giant cells, an employment system, and a monetary system are all included.

Your goal is to devise the best escape strategy, using all available resources, and become well-known among your fellow inmates to enlist their help. This one is a classic in the world of Minecraft maps.

Last Jump Hero

When loading Last Jump Hero, don’t worry about context, a unified visual style, or gameplay variety. Prospective Minecraft players need simply be willing to jump and accept failure to play this parkour-themed map.

Star Wars

Want a diamond lightsaber, sir? You do, of course. Who wouldn’t? In this epic adventure, also by Hypixel and designed to work with the Mine Wars texture pack, you must battle through stormtroopers and Star Destroyers across frozen wastelands and outer space.

With blaster guns, Jedi knights, AT-ATs, and just about anything else you might want, it checks off all the Star Wars boxes. The fact that the Imperial walkers in Minecraft look so great impresses us.

Fireworks Parkour

Fireworks Parkour is a traditional Minecraft level with a distinctive twist: rather than well-timed jumps, and you drive yourself through the map with TNT. It has the white and red style of freerunning favorite Mirror’s Edge.

However, we cannot guarantee that it will be an effective means of propulsion because once you begin a series of explosions, you won’t be able to stop and take a breather. Each explosion’s stream of fireworks is a nice visual touch.

Pixelmon Johto

When you thought there would never be a quality 3D Pokémon adventure on the PC, Pixelmon Johto, based on the Johto and Kanto areas of Gold and Silver, appears. With a new soundtrack, gyms, badges, Team Rocket, and even the entire Elite Four experience, it’s a replica of Pokémon Gold and Silver in Minecraft. There is a tonne more that this mod can do, but we won’t reveal it here. It also has a GameBoy-style aesthetic thanks to the blocky graphics of Minecraft.

There must be some combat, and this map uses the Pixelmon mod’s battle system. There is also a Pixelmon Kalos map based on Pokémon X and Y, which will please those wishing for a different area. If this isn’t quite close enough for you, we have a collection of suggestions for Pokémon PC game alternatives for you to try out.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is an enjoyable blend of frantic hack-and-slash action and survive-the-night anxiety, with what could be the most horrifying re-skin of Minecraft’s zombies ever created.

This Minecraft terrain, influenced by Left 4 Dead, quickly and thickly applies the undead. Ambushes cause panic, and panic has negative consequences. So invite a friend to help you defeat the horde and work through the cooperative challenges.

Herobrine’s Return

A triple-A version of Minecraft, Hypixel’s maps even include follow-ups. The sequel to Herobrine’s Mansion, Herobrine’s Return, features the same custom opponents, large boss battles, magic spells, and NPC-staffed shops as its predecessor.

Fun side quests and fantastic scripted moments give a nice amount of cinematic shine to this map, which continues RPG cliches.


Ceramic is an open-world, non-linear RPG and one of the biggest Minecraft adventure maps. Without a clear primary mission, Teramia allows you to travel, investigate its different districts, and assist the NPCs you come across.

The game’s four regions are divided into nine dungeons and several fortresses that you can take control of. The regions are home to a wide range of mobs and hospitable inhabitants.

Minecraft horror maps

Can animated blocks be frightening? Evidently, phenomenally. It would be best if you had a terrifying Minecraft horror map to spoil some underpants. So dim the lights, put on your headphones, and brace yourself for an unnerving experience with strange angles.

Black Light

Black Light is a terrifying journey to a Russian mental institution in the wake of a nuclear blast that channels the horrors of Outlast. An expert texture pack renders the environment unsettlingly grimy, with foreboding graffiti and a dark color scheme. Black Light is eerily eerie, much like the best Minecraft horror maps, thanks to the clever lighting design.

The Asylum

For thrills and chills, abandoned asylums are always a terrific choice. The Asylum’s near-immortal mobs create a sense of helpless horror and do a good job delivering blocky jump scares and lots of goosebumps. This is the pinnacle of minimal Minecraft horror.

Survival Horror

The eerie mansion on the hill, ah. How could a Minecraft map not be centered around such a common horror trope? With only a few supplies that may be discovered lying around the mansion, Hypixel’s Survival Horror challenges you to survive 25 waves of progressively tougher ghouls and animals. A malfunctioning power generator intensifies the anxiety, resulting in constant utter terror.

Ruins of the Dead

Is the old temple located underground? Check. Several flesh-eating zombie waves? Check. Concealing armor, weapons, and loot in chests? Check.

The ruins of the Dead’s progressive treasure system and escalating difficulty make it a great zombie survival scenario. There is even a cunningly difficult ultimate foe for those who manage to survive the 16 waves of progressively harder zombies.


Wandering is a legendary Minecraft terrain rife with jump scares and eerily haunting from the very first steps. You take on the role of Jack, a 30-year-old man who just got home from a long day at work. Only someone – or something – has followed you [crack of lightning, haunting organ music]…

Minecraft survival maps

One of Minecraft’s most well-liked game modes is survival, where your only goal is to hang around in the world of the living for as long as you can. The finest Minecraft maps test your capacity for survival by requiring you to make the wisest decisions while mining scarce resources, blocking your path to necessary goods, and challenging you with tough enemies. Some people want you to endure long enough to host a hot tub party. Some of the top Minecraft survival maps are listed here.

World in a Jar

In World in a Jar, you must make it through a series of small, jar-encased planets. Each floating glass prison has its ecosystem with a combination of adventure maps and pure survival gameplay. World in a Jar is a must-play Minecraft map because of the ethereal quiet of these collected environments.

Ant Farm Survival

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to be imprisoned inside an ant farm? If you want to know what you might face, Ant Farm Survival offers a poor template; you could look for more accurate information elsewhere. This innovative survival map, divided into sections that get harder as you progress, has a tonne of obstacles and a sneakily claustrophobic design.

Deadly Orbit

Roleplayers who envision themselves as pixelated versions of Sandra Bullock or George Clooney need only glance at Deadly Orbit, a survival map with a space theme situated on the International Space Station. There is a lot of gravity as opposed to none at all, taking its Gravity theme literally. The void of space can still be sensed even though there isn’t any floating here.

Planet Impossible

The fact that “taming a dinosaur” is one of Planet Impossible’s objectives should tell you everything you need to know. If you need any more convincing, consider that your spacecraft’s final resting place is Planet Impossible, a Mad Max wasteland. You have 10 days to stay alive while exploring the environment and looking for signs of previous human habitation.


When you’re washed up in the Arctic tundra with nothing but your own body to rely on, the Arctic forces you to make a home for yourself and your survival friends, Mr. Maillet and Jozsef, on the barren ice fields. You can eventually host the perfect hot tub party by planting crops and maintaining a farm. Despite the notion’s absurdity, the Arctic remains serene and beautiful in its isolation.

Containment Survival 2

With a smart take on Portal, Containment Survival 2 lets you explore a variety of containment cages, each of which has a different biome. You have limited time to complete survival challenges after being ushered through by an insane AI. As you try to flee, the AI will harass and degrade you using a fantastic selection of voiceovers. Containment Survival 2 is one of the best Minecraft maps because of a well-planned progression of environments and difficulties.

Wild West

Wow, you cowpoke! This adventure map captures the spirit of the Wild West, even though it may not be the gunslinging frontier of Red Dead Redemption. This Minecraft terrain is the ideal setting for realizing your fantasy of donning a stetson, with its beautiful sunset, enormous canyons, and roadway intentionally built up for epic dueling.

On the ranch, as much as in Mojang’s sand blocks, taming Minecraft horses is a way of life. Cactus-based traps work better in capturing beasts, but we’re still willing to try them out. You won’t have a selection of Ennio Morricone’s best music playing in the background to build the mood.

Survival Island

The benchmark model and Coca-Cola of custom-made survival maps are Survival Island. Its great difficulty helps it establish a reputation, but the benefits are also sweeter. A house of twigs is a true achievement, and when you are the king of your castle, you know you worked to earn it. Simple comparison klaxon: Survival Island is Dark Souls meets Minecraft.

SkyBlock Advanced

Based on one of the “first” custom Minecraft maps, SkyBlock Advanced was created. Although it may initially lack frills and views, it presents a strong challenge. Suspend the scavenging anguish of Survival Island at the height of thousands of feet. This version has a good deal of variety because it now includes seasonal maps.

The only resource you have is your tiny dirt pile, so you need to be very inventive and have an eye for conservation. You’ll be surprised at what you can get out of a tree and a few soil blocks if you have the appropriate knowledge. If you dare, play this game with your pals.

Sphere Survival

Sphere Survival is an intriguing variation on the standard SkyBlock gameplay, placing you on enormous spheres and sending you on your way to try to bridge to the map’s other spherical worlds while fending against creepers and other nasties: Those interested in survival might love this Minecraft map.

Minecraft city maps

Undoubtedly, Minecraft tourism has saved our travel-drained bank accounts. With Minecraft city maps, we can travel without getting shots or buying travel insurance while saving on lodging, food, and transportation.

Here are some of the best Minecraft city maps, from future cities to faithful recreations of Sao Paulo’s sunny skyline.


Since Call of Duty sent us scurrying around Chornobyl’s abandoned metropolis dodging radiation pockets and sniping hapless ultranationalist soldiers, the eerie landscape of Pripyat has become ingrained in our memories. We may now hesitantly explore it because it has been lovingly reconstructed in this Minecraft city map.

Future City

The War of the Worlds events is thrust into the future due to a dangerous enemy alliance’s attacks on multiple planets. The source of these cosmic issues is Future City. Future City should be your next stop if you’ve always wanted to visit Coruscant from Star Wars but want to avoid seeing the prequels. It is a vast, technologically advanced world with piercing skyscrapers.

World of Worlds

For the player who is constrained by the unfortunate confluence of wanderlust and poverty, World of Worlds is a Minecraft city map. Explore the globe using the block prism of Minecraft with this map, which includes eerily accurate recreations of buildings from 85 different real-world locations. Unless you have a particularly extensive travel history, there will likely be new locations for you to explore.


Amazing city in Minecraft On top of a tortoise, Atropos was built. Not only is Atropos a great idea, but every piece of it is decorated with clockwork gears and metal pipes in the steampunk aesthetic style. The surface of the tortoise, for example, is made up of multiple interconnected metal plates and gears because of how incredibly detailed it is.

Atropos also has a huge size. Its reverse features a full-sized city with the same elegant embellishments that decorate its surface. Atropos’ imposingly massive metropolis gets swallowed by the beast.

Imperial City

Imperial City is a unique construct that mixes notable architectural styles from the 19th and 20th centuries into an astounding collection of buildings. If you look, you may see neo-classical, beaux-arts, and modern elements in its architecture. But even while Imperial City’s structures are its main attractions, the way they are laid out forms the sturdy framework of this Minecraft map. Imperial City has a genuine urban atmosphere because of how the roads are laid out, the arrangement of the buildings, and the river banks.

Vertoak City

Vertoak City epitomizes the vastness and freedom of Minecraft city maps. Discovering this magnificent universe is a freeform experience with limitless possibilities, free from the pressure of achieving objectives or guidelines to follow. High streets are dense yet intricate, Copacabana-like beaches stretch for miles, and leafy suburbs are there as a relaxing retreat from the big smoke.

Tazader City

One of Minecraft’s largest maps keeps expanding. Cazador City, which was first available only on the Pocket Edition, is constantly being upgraded with new skyscrapers, stadiums, and hotels. In addition to the hours you will waste wandering around and taking in every last feature of this metropolis, you can unwind in your luxurious new hotel room, hunt down abandoned backstreets, and engage in sport. All without any knee scrapes.

Sun City

Cities are nice, but gloomy skies and light rain may ruin even amazing cities like London. That is just enough to ruin your day. However, Sun City is a city-based Minecraft map inspired by the hot Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Goiania. Even though Sun City isn’t the biggest city map and has no objectives, your blocky avatar will have plenty of free time to get a much-needed tan.

Minecraft dropper maps

Avoid looking down! You should do that when it comes to Minecraft dropper maps. Here, it would be best if you fell such that you can escape the obstacles in your path as elegantly as possible. Congratulations, you have survived if you make it to the bottom of a dropper level with all of your character’s blocks in their proper locations. Test your vertigo with these fun gravity-themed Minecraft maps.

The Dropper 2

The Dropper 2’s subtitle, “Newton vs. Darwin,” pushes you to survive after releasing you from a dizzying height. You need to move your body in the proper direction as you fall through an intricate web of blocks and barriers to avoid splattering against a barrier (i.e., mining away the block as you hit it is firmly disallowed). If you can picture those bizarre Dead Space space debris fragments, you’re halfway there.

Multi Difficulty Droppers

The Minecraft map Multi Difficulty Droppers requires you to be good. That implies that you must defeat each area on every difficulty setting before moving on to a new one. However, when you successfully land, you are greeted with a fireworks explosion made of Minecraft and the cheers of children who aren’t there. Yay?

Anti Dropp3r

What would result if you turned the dropper map’s primary mechanism upside-down? A higher map? A map of a levitator? That honor belongs to the designers Addit95, Drosselbard, and ScribbleLP, who levitated so much that the E key flew off their keyboards. Ok, so we’re different from the ideas people here.

The blasphemous dropper map Anti Dropp3r demonstrates that whether gravity is on or off, the outcome is essentially the same. On the bright side, you can play it in multiplayer, with different levitation speeds.

Impossible Dropper 2

Do you consider yourself to be the best at dropping? The title of this Minecraft map implies that it is impossible because it is incredibly challenging. In Impossible Dropper 2, there are a lot of cunning trolls and some vanishingly small landing locations; even if you manage to avoid them all, it will be very difficult to avoid dying at the very end. Because we haven’t gotten around to it, we haven’t finished it yet. Yeah, that’s it.

Minecraft puzzle maps

Have you read about how only 10% of our brains are used? It is complete nonsense; in Minecraft, disprove these cowboy scientists by conquering these challenging puzzle maps. You may find some of the best puzzles in PC gaming in Mojang’s masterwork, ranging from PhD-puzzling conundrums to riddles that resemble the Crystal Maze. We’ve noticed that these Minecraft maps are the most clever ones.

30 Ways to Die

Death is a necessary component of life. But in this dark Minecraft map, it’s also the only way to advance. Players will need to find out how to use the tools provided for each level to kill themselves. Happy hunting, we suppose.

The Code

The Code is a brainteaser that is incredibly clever and smartly built. It has a corridor filled with challenging problems. Your reward for solving them is a code that, when scribbled on paper and dropped into a hopper, unlocks the next door. The riddles are incredibly diverse, ranging from physical agility and strength tests to mathematical problems. Thankfully, there is a hint system within the game, but we have yet to ever use it.


The best flattery is imitation, and if there is one puzzle game that merits some, it is Portal. With startling precision, Portalcraft recreates Aperture Science, including the puzzles from the Portal games and their appearance, feel, and gameplay mechanics. The fact that portals function as they should, and your momentum still matters is astounding. There are some obvious Minecraft-isms, such as that lifts and doors need to be more sleekly automated.

The Puzzle Cube

You can walk across the sides of the puzzle cube in the Minecraft map “Puzzle Cube,” which has an excellent trick. To get to the center chamber, you must solve riddles on each side of the cube, starting from the outside.

When you step over the edge of a cube, gravity will reverse, allowing you to continue going down the opposite side instead of tumbling off. The puzzles get progressively harder at a reasonable rate. The best way to play this Minecraft map is in multiplayer, which is also a feature.

Beyond Perception

The Beyond Perception Minecraft map’s straightforward premise distinguishes it from other puzzle games in the crowded genre. Turning your shading on or off can cause specific objects to appear and disappear, creating a brilliant puzzler where you are unsure of what is there and what is not.

Enigma Island

Manage your resources wisely by going through Enigma Island’s hint system, which provides hints for any problems you are particularly stuck on in return for diamonds. Discover the numerous hidden treasures by exploring the island and using your head.

Minecraft multiplayer maps

Going alone is boring, so why not join forces with acquaintances, strangers, and adversaries to stir up some trouble? Although many fantastic multiplayer servers are available, a custom Minecraft map is what you need. They all pay tribute to other games, but they do a masterful job of recreating their gameplay.

Payday 2: Endgame

Payday 2: Endgame is a non-copyright-violating Minecraft map with seven fully playable co-op heists inspired by Overkill’s excellent heist game. Four of them—Framing Days One and Two, Big Oil, and Fire Starter—will be known to Payday gamers, while the rest are brand-new games. Pacing is important, and Endgame successfully reproduces Payday’s stealth-to-panic curve. There are also security systems to undermine and a successful commerce system to equip your mob.

Among Us Minecraft map

There are a few other versions of the Among Us Minecraft map available, but we prefer the one created by the YouTuber Phoenix SC for the game and made available for download on his website. It works with 1.16.4 and needs the Minecraft resource pack, which is part of the download, to function. The gameplay is largely similar to the original, with a few changes: tasks are shared between players, and impostors’ behavior is slightly different. Still, it’ll give you the same thrill as a regular Among Us game. It comes with Minecraft versions of the original three Among Us maps, The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

It’s Better Together

This two-player adventure map is overflowing with tricky, Portal 2-style cooperative puzzles. You and your friend won’t have to face a drawn-out installation process for debugging before entering because it was designed with vanilla Minecraft players in mind.

Mine 4 Dead

Although zombies will always be appealing, adding a dash of Valve makes them even better. Mine 4 Dead is a Minecraft level that recreates the Left 4 Dead zombie cooperative shooter. Bring three pals (you’ll need them) and be prepared to be overrun by shambling, foul-smelling, decaying corpses.

Team Fortress 2 in Minecraft

Team Fortress 2 stands out a little more in the Dustbowl of Minecraft. With a fully functional control point system to capture the iconic multiplayer action, this is undoubtedly one of the best instances of command block work you will ever see. The Red versus Blue teams, supply lockers, and dispensers are all lifted into this Minecraft map from Team Fortress 2, and they all function perfectly. The least intriguing aspect of Dustbowl is that it is an exact visual reproduction of the original map.

FunLand 3

What are the essentials for the perfect day out with your friends? As far as the eye can see, hundreds of rollercoasters reach the absolute edge of Minecraft’s sky box. For those who enjoy roller coasters but loathe waiting in lines, this Minecraft tribute to the little theme park is perfect. We might decide against doing it in VR.

Minecraft castle maps

Castles are the coolest structures, from the eerie gothic aesthetics of castle Dracula to the majestic Dragonstone, with the fire-spewing animals cascading over its high towers. And, surprise! They make better Minecraft maps. With the help of these great Minecraft castle maps, you may control any planet you choose, whether steampunk or fantastical.


The Elder Scrolls franchise enthusiasts will enjoy this Minecraft map. If you first install the Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack, Oakhold will astound you like Solitude, and the Imperial City did.
This enormous fantasy-themed castle is hidden beneath a dense forest canopy. It features 29 distinctive apartments, homes, towers, stores, and other features that allow you to live out your most extravagant kingly fantasies. For the most recent Oakhold updates, visit the website of creator Dovetail.


It’s never fun to wait for more Game of Thrones awesomeness, but at least you can soothe your desperate need to meet Daenerys in her Dragonstone house. Dragonstone in Minecraft may not have been made with fire, but it was still really impressive.

Steampunk Castle

Castles are not just found in fantastical settings. That is exactly what Steampunk Castle demonstrates: a structure that projects a distinctive shape toward the horizon. With this map, you can swap dragons for blimps and windmills while uncovering hidden information, easter eggs, and a plot.

Dol Guldur

Consider Dol Guldur, Sauron’s abandoned elven fortress, as an example of how even fortresses with robust defenses and strong rulers cannot last forever. With a Lord of the Rings entry, a list of the greatest Minecraft castle maps is complete. However, with the help of this meticulously recreated fantasy replica, you may study Tolkien literature without running the risk of incurring the wrath of the infamous necromancer.

Castle Verilian of Aeritus

The best Minecraft maps are only sometimes the biggest, as demonstrated by Castle Verilian of Aeritus. The elaborate interior decoration and catchy name of this tiny seat of dominion more than make up for its relatively cosy size. It would be best if you traveled a long, winding walk past enormous waterfalls and woods to reach your modest home from the spectacular entrance gate. This can be thought of as a castle that meets a kingly country retreat for kings used to grander castles.

Minecraft parkour maps

For many, creating and ogling impressive, enormous constructions is the point of Minecraft. However, the beauty and art of Minecraft parkour maps lie in the way these settings are navigated. You will likely move too quickly to stop and take in the scenery if you are rushing, bouncing, or jumping through valleys or mountains that reach the sky. Here are the top available Minecraft parkour maps.

Parkour School

Have you ever watched some extreme parkour skills on YouTube and feared that you weren’t good enough? Don’t worry; everyone has to start somewhere, and the ideal Minecraft parkour map, to begin with, is Parkour School. Easing you in with a gentle difficulty curve, Parkour School teaches you the basics with a checkpoint system and themed zones. You will be blasting through the toughest parkour levels in no time.

Canyon Jumps

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon and wondered, “That’s awesome and all, but wouldn’t it be better if I could jump across it in midair, without a safety harness”? Of course not; you are intelligent.

Canyon Jumps is a parkour level for Minecraft that lets you experience that bizarre, peculiarly distinct dream that no one has ever had. This jump-and-run map prioritizes precision over speed and suspends your route midair inside a massive canyon landscape. Also included are 48 tasks and an automatic in-game leaderboard system.

Hologram Parkour

Hologram Parkour stands apart from the rest of the Minecraft parkour genre with a fantastic, ethereal twist. A map in two parts is presented to you; half shows a route devoid of blocks, while the other half has walls, creating an asymmetrical mirror image. As you figure out the right path, holographic blocks emerge in front of you as if by magic as you use the other half to judge where to aim your jump. Hologram Parkour is a must-play game that combines platforming and puzzle components.

Jump Escape

In essence, Jump Escape is parkour mixed with Portal (Portalkour?). In terms of aesthetics, that is. The elevator used to change levels is reminiscent of Valve’s old puzzler but other than that, this is a solid and straightforward Minecraft parkour map. The timer is constantly around to force you to shave off every last second and brag to the rest of your blocky group, even if you aren’t penalized for being slow like in Time to Die.

Assassin’s Creep

There are no rewards for figuring out the series this map is based on. With the aid of the Assassini Costruttori texture pack, the stabby stealth games of Ezio and company significantly influenced Assassin’s Creep. Turn on peaceful mode to stop mobs from meddling with your search for nine wool blocks instead of those annoyingly hidden feathers from prior Assassin’s Creed games. Your parkour talents will come in handy because they are all located on top of tall historical towers. Blades with hidden edges are optional but advised.

Potala Palace

You can visit this Minecraft recreation of the Potala Palace if you like virtual sightseeing. If you didn’t know, the last Dalai Lama lived in this hilltop castle, Tibet’s biggest palace. Whether you want a lovely location to explore or a fun new setting for your preferred game styles, this one is perfect – we understand how it works.

Wow, there are a lot of Minecraft maps there. With that, you’ll be kept busy for a very long time, but we still have more to share about Mojang’s blocky journey. Check out our selection of the top Minecraft skins to start by dazzling your online friends with your impeccable sense of style.

Whether you still crave thrilling experiences, see if any of our favorite Minecraft seeds have any cool spawn locations. Please excuse us while we retire to our most cozy castle map for a well-earned rest.

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