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10 Most Awesome Xbox One Games To Buy


Since its first release, Xbox One has become one of the most popular gaming consoles.  

It is a powerful machine that can take players all over the new world with its stunning graphics and sound. Of course, the console is only as good as you can get games. Fortunately, Xbox One scores with a huge selection of titles to buy here. 

However, if you have yet to become familiar with games on this console, you may need a hand to decide which of these types is worth it. Here are ten of the best Xbox One games to try. 

10-plague story: innocence

From Game Studio isobo, we have this terrible horror stealth title. It is established in medieval Europe during the plague and sees players take control of the protagonist Amica. You are playing from a third-person perspective, which is a good change from a first-person game. The plot is incredibly detailed, and the graphics are extremely realistic, which helps to attract them. A multitude of bloodthirsty mice will reach you when they appear on the screen in all their glory! The game’s main emphasis is to avoid enemy encounters and solve puzzles. This is a great title for those who want more than random shooting or egoists.

09-Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

This is a long-standing game series that has proven to be extremely popular over time. MGS 5 occurred 9 years after the previous title but 11 years before the original Metal Gear Solid in 1984. In it, you take control of the main character, Poison snake, who has awakened from a coma and wants revenge on those who bring it there. For example, he stepped deep into Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war and was also involved in the Angolan Civil War. The gameplay here is advanced, with a lot of freedom in achieving your goals and a simple control system that will help you with this. Full of black humor and conspiracy theories, the plot is disturbing and exciting. With spacious rooms with multiple missions, this is the best stealth game on Xbox One. 

08-What Remains Of Edith Finch

This beautiful and spectacular game is a great surprise for Xbox One players. Smart and innovative, it will captivate you, and you will not let it go if you consider its history further. The main premise is that you play as Edith Finch, who looks back from his family tree throughout the game. Thus, they uncover the lives of various relatives, all of whom mysteriously died. Where these scores are not only amazing graphics but also different game mechanics at each level. The gameplay is intuitive, while the difficulty is set precisely to make it challenging, but you have to keep playing. 

07-Football 19

The FIFA Football franchise is huge, and owning a version is a must for Xbox One players. Even if you are not a football fan, it is fun to play and score some spectacular goals. The latest version (for now) is FIFA 19, and provides that EA Sport will retain the title of the best football game for consoles. New updates to this issue from previous years include a decrease in speed for more thoughtful gameplay and a new physics system for additional realism. The shooting mechanism in the game has also been improved, which is welcome. All major leagues and teams here With. It’s really fun to take control of the best players in the world. The graphics and sound are as amazing as you would expect a fantastic experience. 

06-Rainbow Six Siege

If you love your first-person shooter, this is the right game. As part of the Rainbow Six franchise, the Siege opens like a freight train and never let’s go. At the center of the action is a terrorist group called the white mask, which is wreaking havoc worldwide. Like the previous Rainbow Six titles, you take control of a Special Forces team tasked with taking out in a series of missions. This game stands out for its impressive gameplay and detailed strategy options. You can choose from different special forces worldwide from top units, from British SAS to Russian Spetsnaz. With lots of cool weapons to fire, a multiplayer option that hits the notch, and the ability to interact with your surroundings, it’s a class game. 

05-GTA 5

Regarding titles that have revolutionized gaming and make the most of consoles like Xbox One Grand Theft Auto standout is the name. What was good about the GTA 5 franchise is that it takes and increases it even more. The open world’s design is still here, so you can move around and do whatever you want. Of course, there are also missions in the game that you can follow if you want. In this version, even online robberies and pedestrian beatings of the first person appear! This game is huge, and there are so many options that you can not play anything else for a long time. Like other GTA titles, the main secret is the fun of moving around and customizing. With impressive graphics and loud sound, this is a must. 


Everyone knows this game-even if you haven’t played it yet! This Battle royale-style title has been a huge success since its release, making you fight against other players or computer AI. This game’s fighting side is what it is about, and it is interesting to compete against your friends in multiplayer mode. There is also a strong building element for the gameplay, proving satisfactory as building your defense to keep you safe. Fortnite also cleverly uses different seasons within the game to keep things fresh. With new stories and items to discover, the main game doesn’t get boring. Of course, character and dance tricks also help make it fun – does anyone feel like flossing ?!

03-Minecraft game

Another major trend in gaming was Minecraft-it has millions of loyal followers to this day. When you start entering it, it is easy to understand why. Open-world design allows you to roam freely and explore your world. Full of beautiful creatures, but also villains like creepers or witches, you will always have something to see or avoid. The essence of the game is that you play in creative or survival mode – creative mode is often best suited for newcomers because they have access to all blocks and cannot die. Your main goal is to fool around and make things the way you want in any design. Do you want to build a fully sleeping church with a pool on the terrace? No worries! Minecraft is also constantly updated with new blocks, creatures and materials, so you will never get bored. 

02-Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

This is a big franchise, similar to FIFA or Rainbow Six. Odyssey is the latest version, and you probably have the best version. It feels more interesting, brave, and attractive than other titles in the series. The Odyssey feels more RPG when you travel around the world of ancient Greece, follow stories and interact with characters in the game. In the main game, you will travel around the ancient Greek islands and fight against everyone you like, see the sights and love everyone on the way. The graphics in this title are spectacular, with rich colors and strong admiration. It is also easy to understand the controls, which are the game’s combat, making the elementy strong. If you want to enjoy an open-world RPG game for many hours, that’s right. 

01 – Red Dead Redemption 2

We end our list with a real blockbuster! It is set in the days of the wild west of America and tells the story of its character Arthur Morgan and his struggle against the new world that has arisen around him. This game only looks spectacular and has a real touch of realism in what is happening on the screen. With smooth gameplay and great sound, it is an invitation to the senses. There is also a lot of depth in this, and the story lasts only 20 hours! But don’t worry about getting bored in advance. Open-world style design means you can move around and do whatever you want to be busy. Talking to other characters, robbing banks, hunting and fishing are some things you can do too. In addition to the open world side, there is also a set plot that you can follow if you like to play it live.

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