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What do camels eat in Minecraft 1.20 update?

camels eat in Minecraft 1.20 update

While camel trails & tales are completely coming to Minecraft with the update, you can currently communicate with them. Suppose players have activated the experimental features during the snapshots of the Java edition and the previews of the Bedrock edition. In that case, they will find wandering camels in the desert villages of the overworld.

So far, we like camels. They can be installed and are large enough to avoid attacks from various enemy monsters. Two players can ride a camel at the same time.

However, having a camel does not seem fair in Minecraft, so breeding them is not bad. But how is it achieved? What do camels need to eat to get in the mood for love?

Not surprisingly, camels in Minecraft like to sip on a delicious piece of cacti.

How to feed a camel in Minecraft 1.20 and its betas

Given the relative lack of vegetation in the deserts of Minecraft, the possibility of feeding camels with cactus blocks makes sense.

Camels also like to have breakfast on cacti in the real world because the plants are filled with water, so they must avoid hot and dry climates. However, in the most popular sandbox game in the world, there is a small problem for camels who want to chew on a delicious cactus.

Camels, in particular, are damaged by touching cactus blocks like most other game masses. As is the case, you must feed the cactus by hand to keep it In A loving mood.

How to feed camels with cacti in Minecraft 1.20:

First, you need to find and break the cacti. You are on the right track if you already have a cactus farm. However, if you don’t have a cactus in your hand, you will have to go to the desert or wasteland biome to find one. Remember that if the plant grows in both biomes, it is more common in deserts.
Although a collision with a cactus block causes damage, you can safely break it with your hands or tool. Any tool works well. No tool in Minecraft breaks Cactus blocks faster than others.
Once the Cactus is blocked, it’s time to go to the desert village. This is currently the only place where camels can be born. They usually walk around the villages, considering their affairs, although sometimes they can lie down and take a break.
Equip the Cactus block with your hands, go to the camel, and click on it with the right mouse button. You can also press the “use object” button on your controller or press the camel on the mobile platform.

If you feed two camels close to each other, they enter the mood of love and multiply, creating a baby camel. After breeding, adult camels are cooled for five minutes before breeding.

In addition to breeding, cacti can also be used to attract camels. The crowd will follow a player who takes the block in his hand, like a cow behind wheat.

However, lying camels do not follow the player. The mob gives up its pursuit when the player has no more creatures in block area 10/16 (Java/bedrock).

Cacti can also accelerate baby camels’ growth rate when players are in a hurry to breed and feed a large flock. If a fight or threat damages a camel, players can also feed their camel cactus blocks to heal themselves with two hit points (one heart) when they receive a single block.

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