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5 reasons to start your future with e-sports


Stress occurs in the air when athletes compete against each other in a large sports field. “We definitely saw a great game there,” says a commentator when he announces the winner. What does your usual sports game look like? It’s almost like that — Except that the field is virtual, and players between the ages of 13 and 25 appear as fantastic video game avatars. The game launches Stride’s e-sports summer camp, a 9-week virtual multiplayer competition with popular video games such as Fortnite and Super Smash Bruce. Final and League of Legends. With many e-sports opportunities and the growing popularity of the game internationally all year round, perhaps it’s time to turn your video game-loving child into an e-athlete!  

What is e-sports?  

E-sports games will attract an estimated 29.6 million monthly viewers in 2022, internal intelligence reports. Treated like any other sport — organized games against teammates, with the development of tournaments and live broadcasts — The explosion of the popularity of e-sports has led to the fact that the new sport often exceeds the audience of professional football and basketball matches. Gamers of all ages can play various video games competently and join e-sports leagues, turning once-alone entertainment into a competitive display of teamwork and problem-solving. Do not be fooled by the lack of legs and personal touch: e-sports has many advantages, ranging from mental and social skills to ending with your child’s future career.  

Develop valuable STEM skills.  

A study by the US Department of Education showed that in the 2019-2020 school year, 21% of The Bachelor’s degrees earned were completed in STEAM fields. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is a growing professional field for the future working class. Even if your child is not considering a field focused on STEM, technical knowledge is an increasingly important skill for any task. E-sports can arouse interest in Computer Science and convey general knowledge of technology in a fast-paced way using keyboards and navigation. Entertaining style of the game format At the highest level, mint skill is a wonderful place to learn that is accessible and easy to understand.    

Create problem-solving and teamwork skills 

As important as technical skills are for future success, soft skills are still key to a career and beyond. Dr Robert Rippi, managing director of Blackfire innovation hub and director of hospitality and e-Sports Innovation Lab at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, supports the benefits of e-sports in the podcast “What I want to know” by Stride K12:” soft skills such as collaboration, teamwork, strategic thinking, scenario creation, all the things that are needed in these games.”

Like any sport, your child will experience victories and defeats and teach flexibility and a mindset of practice. Evaluating errors and learning from them is an important skill for real scenarios. In addition, e-Sport adds a team element to the video game. Just as a player coordinates, communicates and competes with other players on the court or field, e-sports has introduced leagues and opponents with other children their age to the virtual sports room just behind the screen.   

Connect with other players and create a community.   

More teenagers are connected online than ever. Adding real human interaction to your child’s online entertainment, taking into account healthy screen time, provides valuable opportunities for connection. The Pew Research Center reports that more than half of young people play video games to spend time with friends. Video games are increasingly becoming an important aspect of teenage relationships, and the formed nature of e-sports teams and player match-ups further increases socialization. Take part in a friendly competition, and earn eternal friends and colleagues.    

Enhancing your learning motivation and providing inclusion 

Many studies show a positive relationship between participation in extracurricular activities, better school engagement, and better grades. Since video games are a popular hobby for teenagers, the increase in e-sports leagues in schools in America allows for maximum benefits associated with the educational environment. E-sports not only represents more student interests in schools but also offer comprehensive entertainment for children of all ages and skill levels. Dr Rappi says that the inclusion of e-sports is important for its role in schools: “You don’t need physical skills to play a video game. From this point of view, it is therefore an extensive network for inclusion. “Students can play as any colourful fantasy character they want, creating a fun and safe place where the child’s skills are at the forefront.   

Set up your child for Career, College and opportunities  

E-sports is no joke! With its large fan base and online popularity, e-sports has also found a home in college sports rosters. The National Association of collegiate e-sports provides 1 16 million a year for aspiring athletes from e-sports colleges. Video game designers and software developers are among the fastest-growing and most successful career paths for which participation in e-sports offers experience and enthusiasm. This new and exciting game is fun for your child now and opens up a whole world of steam career opportunities for a very distant future.

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