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Best games for PlayStation 4

Best games for PlayStation 4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is rapidly approaching its sixth anniversary, and that’s a problem. Game developers have found it appropriate to release the game for the console to be available almost every day, so they have more than 1,500 titles to choose from. The sheer amount of games on offer, combined with the subjective nature of the medium, makes it impossible to say “the best” for sure, and this list is not about it.

Instead, we worked together to imagine that no one had ever picked up a PlayStation 4 controller. Why? I don’t know, and maybe you decided to get an Xbox One and want to catch the special games you lost. Or you’ve been stuck in the well for five years and just returned home to discover the FedEx box of November 15, 2013, on your doorstep. Or you could click on this article to scroll through the comments and tell us how terrible our opinion is. After all, these are the ten games that we will recommend to anyone who wants to see What is PlayStation 4

Until Dawn

If Resident Evil 7 is a grindhouse horror classic, Until Dawn is a slasher movie through and through. Essentially a fancy point-and-click adventure game, Until Dawn follows a group of eight teens inexplicably doing the “cabin in the woods” thing. It’s your job to guide them through countless decisions and try to get as many of them to the end of the game alive. With a rich “butterfly effect” branching story, Until Dawn is very replayable and makes a fantastic party game for anyone tired of always playing Mario Kart or Smash Bros. at every gathering.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is the best Tetris game over the years and perhaps the best psvr game ever. From the mind of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the developer behind rez, Lumines, and Child of Eden, Tetris Effect combines the classic Tetris gameplay with music and lots of particle effects to create something that exceeds the sum of its parts. Immersive to the point of transcendence.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Many were ready to write off the Resident Evil series after the disaster that was Resident Evil 6. What started as a horror game on the original PlayStation had become a bloated mess of an action game. Instead of throwing the whole franchise in the trash and forgetting about it, Capcom took a hard look at what wasn’t working, which — surprise! — was everything, and thoroughly rebooted the formula. Borrowing from Kojima’s PT and, in some ways, Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is horror through powerlessness. For the majority of the game, you’re unable to do anything but run from or delay your foes. And that’s what makes it so good.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game that no one could make except the team rock star behind the GTA series. Only when the studio succeeds can he put millions of dollars and Human hours into a game. Rockstar’s simulation of a falling Border world is fascinating and a perfect backdrop for a non-characteristically measured story. Although the studio’s gameplay may not go massively, the writing and characters of RDR2 will remain with you.

Persona 5

The third-best personalized game is still a very, very good game. The trademark of the series dungeon-crawler-plus-life-sim hook is its largest sailing point, but Atlas takes the formula away from the Japanese countryside, dragging it kicking and screaming in Tokyo. Oozing style and polish, and with a memorable and huge cast, personality is the 5 best RPGs you can buy for your PS4.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter was impossible for many to understand. This is one of the series we all know we should be playing, but trying to fight through Monster Hunter 4 for the 3ds was an annoying experience. So all of Monster Hunter: the world had to take the seemingly profitable gameplay formula and make it accessible. He did it and more. Now it’s easy to explain why you should take up this game: Fight monsters, fight craft equipment, hard monster, craft equipment, hard monster. Or even make friends, make equipment, and fight against the huge monster. This is a pure gameplay loop that anyone can ride with.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

After all, you don’t need to bring Spider-Man 2 to the GameCube to fix your loom. For almost 15 years, this game was considered the gold standard for the Spider-Man game, and I’ll tell you a secret: it was not so good. On the other hand, Marvel’s Spider-Man is the tour de force. With the best representation of what it’s like to swing through New York City, Insomniac’s PS4 borrows exclusively generously from Batman’s Battle: Arkham throws itself into the series, and a story, although it takes some time, ends in a wonderful place. There must be one.

Horizon Zero Dawn

After years of producing various Killzone titles, developer Guerrilla Games has finally released a rich and imaginative new game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The game combines a beautiful post-apocalyptic open world with combat, crafting, and a quiet but memorable story. Sure, there may not be any new ways, but Horizon is doing everything so well that it doesn’t matter. It remains one of the most beautiful games of this generation, even two years after its release.

God of War

Sony’s God of War series had been asleep for half a decade when its latest incarnation came to stores in early 2018, and for a good reason. Ancient gameplay and disturbing themes made it unsuitable for the modern gaming landscape. No longer. God of war from the side of the Santa Monica Studio manages to successfully reboot the series while simultaneously transforming the weaknesses of the narrative of previous games into their strengths. Kratos is now a father, the camera is now mainly strapped on his shoulder, and Sony has a new series in his hand.


Bloodborne was the earliest winner of this breed. –PS4 of the Dark Souls formula-special reimagination. The developer software transformed the gothic fantasy world of spirit games into a .. Still-kind-gothic fantasy world but introduced a difficult curve and high-speed combat system. You play as a hunter, slowly passing through a labyrinth City, mastering your weapon, and upgrading your stats. If you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, the most memorable software boss battles await you.

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