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Gotham Knights Mod Adds Batman Suit For Nightwing

Modding is a crucial element in PC gaming. The ability for players to create their items to bring them into the game or to change the look completely or the way something works to make it “feel different” was a joy to watch. Many games willingly let players modify the titles, many from Bethesda. They love the modding community. However, with other titles, sometimes it’s a surprise when a mod happens. But then, with something like Gotham Knights, the inevitable will happen mod-wise. To what extent? The point of the game is that Batman is dead, and his four charges must rise to defend Gotham. There is no Batman anymore.

So, what did a modder do? He did it so that you could wear a Batman costume in the game. In particular, it is the “Batman Reborn” costume that many will recognize from the Scott Snyder comic book arc. The mod is for Nightwing, and the modder made it clear that he did it because he liked the idea that Nightwing became Batman when the Dark Knight died. Of course, the mod is intended only for the outfit and does not have a cape, but that could change later. In addition, Nightwings Moveset has been designed to work without a cape. Putting one on him might cause some visual problems.

Anyone who knows the history of DC Comics will smile at this mod because Dick Grayson officially became Batman for a while. After the events of Final Crisis, when “Batman was dead,” a “battle for the cowl” took place in Gotham. Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin fought over who would be the bat. In the end, Grayson donned the cowl, and with Bruce Wayne’s son Damian as Robin, the two did their best to protect Gotham City and the world from various threats. They were even the dynamic duo at major DC events like Blackest Knight and Brightest Day. Bruce Wayne returned, but Grayson stopped being Batman only later. Fast forward to now, and Nightwing has had a phenomenal run in the comics. He’s about to hit number 100 for his latest series, and fans love the direction the writers have taken the flying Grayson.

Last but not least, he is finally back with Barbara Gordon, to say.

As for Gotham Knights, the prospects are not so rosy. Apart from funny mods, the game has been plagued by problems since its launch on consoles and PCS. Fans and critics have criticized the titles for performance issues, repetitive gameplay, strange UI choices, and much more.

The WB Montreal team said in a recent Twitter post that they heard the complaints from the fans and did their best to fix them. But the problems continue accumulating, including the Steam version of the game, which needs to be installed for new players.

Hopefully, everything will be fixed soon.

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