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How to safely enter GTA Online’s USS Luxington Business Battle

How to safely enter GTA Online’s USS Luxington Business Battle

Rockstar Games has made it very difficult for GTA Online players to safely enter the USS Luxington business battle in the game, although there is a simple trick that makes it look easy.

Game developers have added many missions to the game, including rewards in each content update that drops every week. Some are easier to enter than others, although it can be the most difficult to join.

For those who have never seen it, the root of the matter here is that you need to use an aeroplane or boat to get into action. A huge water-based battleship is guarded by some of the most dangerous weapons the game offers, so it is very easy to get down from the gun.

Well, players have found a better way.

GTA Online USS Luxington Business Battle: How to play

Warming up on water can be bad, as explosives will be kicked out of your way. After all, it is protected by the Navy.

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If you follow the step-by-step guide below, you may play this mission regularly without problems. Like any other business War, it offers سامان 10,000 per crate of goods, with other bonuses depending on the time they are completed.

Here’s how to do it if you want to play USS Luxington:

Go to GTA Online.
Make sure you have parachutes and Mission-Ready weapons. Check your inventory if you need more time. From there, go to the nearest plane you can find.
Fly to the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. It is located in the southeastern sea of Los Santos.
Reach the highest height and then jump, falling free.
Pull your parachute too low to the ground, hop over the pot, and the mission begins.
From user RY4NDY, it may look even easier in this Reddit post guide.

USS Luxington location in GTA Online

The Southeast sea of Los Santos was a vague explanation of its location, so we decided to look closely at you. After all, this is not the easiest thing if you do not know what you are looking for.

To find it in the game, go through Los Santos International Airport and continue to the southeast corner of the map water. Here, as seen below, you will finally come to the ship’s destination.

Floating around on a small raft, as we can see in the screenshot, is not the best idea, though, and the parachute trick is the safest way to access it.Once on the ship, everything works like an ordinary business War mission. Take what you can get the burden of elimination, and of course, also enjoy the Rewards.

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