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12 Best Hidden Object Games of All Time

We have all played hidden object games at one time or another. So if you are looking for a touch of nostalgia mixed with entertaining gameplay, we have a few games for you.

#12 Morphopolis

Morphopolis is not an ordinary hidden object game, but it is almost not an ordinary game. The title puts you in the role of a grub. You need to help this caterpillar through the world of worms in which it is located in order to reach the following stages of metamorphosis :

While walking through a handmade world, you will have the opportunity to discover secrets and experience various elements of insect life. The game is one that the development team says will “stay with you for years.”It will definitely make an impression with its visual style. So if you want to see beet life, not in Pixar movie form, try this game.

#11 Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

How do we get to a more classic style of hidden object game? In Agent A: a mystery in disguise, you play the role of super-special agent A. He is looking for a detective named Ruby La Rouge and is looking for refuge in his secret lair.

While Agent a delivers it to the lair, he will have to delve deeper into the secrets of outer space to find out where his detective counterpart is. Inspired by detective thrillers from the 1960s, you will have to observe your surroundings carefully, find objects that can later help you solve puzzles, and much more!

Will you prove yourself as a top-secret agent?

#10 Behind frame : the most beautiful scenes

Some puzzle games are all about the comfortable and fun world you are in. Behind the frame: The most beautiful background is a great example of this style. You play as an artist who completes the pieces to submit to the gallery.

You will complete the pictures with your own eyes and explore the world around you. So you will get more colors that you can express in your works and learn more about the paintings themselves. Everyone’s story is connected with this. So paint with the artist and make sure that the artist takes care of himself.

Sometimes finding beauty means recognizing the world around you.

#9 rusty Lake roots

Although the last game should be comfortable, our next topic is an interesting topic. The roots of Rusty Lake will transport you to the life of James Wonder Boom. After he puts seeds in the ground, his life changes forever in the house where he inherited it.

Now he can experience the descendants of his life through portraits and witness what is happening to them. Oh, and that’s just part of the gaming experience.

The game has 33 levels full of puzzles to solve. The tone of the title depends on what you are doing and watching at the moment. So prepare for an experience that you don’t see coming.

#8 cozy Grove

What about the game that is supernatural and easy? In the cozy grove, you play as a ghost scout who should help to make this place a better place again.

During a 40-hour expedition, you will travel around an island that is constantly growing and developing. While hiking, you will find local spirits that help you move forward. Then you will help brighten up the island with your craft skills.

With several important missions and side coasts, you have a lot to do on the Guru. In addition, you will meet a group of unique characters who will keep you together, with whom you can communicate and have fun.

#7 Hidden Folks

A title like Hidden Folks doesn’t have a lot of details to make it stand out. But I suppose you might be wrong. The team sometimes went overboard to make this game partially minimalist but detailed in certain sections. For example, with over 2000 sound effects, all of which come from a voice actor!

In addition, there are 32 areas to explore, 300 people to find, and several ways to interact with the levels! So if you don’t see the whole picture, interact with something to see what happens!

Find the goals assigned to you, proceed to the next stage and repeat them.

#6 Witch It

Here is a funny variant of the genre. In Witch It, you are either a hunter or a witch, each of whom has a different goal to win the match.

If you are a hunter, you must look for the witches no matter where they are hiding and catch them before they escape. But be warned, the witches can turn into ordinary objects that look far from mystical. So look up and down to find them and eradicate the magic scourge!

Or, if you are a witch, use your transformation powers and hide in plain sight! Then, when you are discovered, escape and find a better hiding place! The side that wins is the one that does its job better.

#5 When The Past was Around

When The Past Around focused on a young girl named Eda. Eda is in her early 20s and a girl who is lost in life. She is still trying to figure out what to do next until she meets the owl. Through the owl, she will go through memorabilia and Time to unlock the memories she had put away and learn the truth about everything around her.

The hidden object game tells a story of loss, heartbreak, and learning to find the strength to keep going. Nothing is said by words, only by art. So dive in and see where this story of a girl and her love leads.

#4 Grim Legends Series

The following two series were created by the same developer but with different focuses. The Grim Legends series incorporates the fairytale elements of our favorite stories to tell three unique adventures you can work through.

In the first game, you play the sister of a bride who finds herself in a deep mystery surrounding her local superstitious village. The second title puts you in the role of a healer who must relieve the queen of the crime of witchcraft within one day. After all, you play a monster hunter who loses memory and needs to stop an animal from harming others.

A series of adventures full of puzzles await you!

#3 Enigmatis Series

The Enigmatis series includes three titles, each with its environment, riddles, and puzzles to solve. Whether you end up on the side of the road, in the forest, or in the mountains, you must overcome the odds and try to find out the truth, no matter how dark it is.

The game mixes solving hidden object puzzles with detective work and exciting elements to deliver impactful stories. The games are also rendered with stunning quality, and you will want to see how each ends.

You can get the whole package at once in places like Steam, so take advantage of these exciting adventures!

#2 Hidden by Time

Hidden Through Time is perfect for those who want a simple but engaging experience that they can then build on themselves.

You will be placed in one of four stages filled to the brim with items. Then, following the clues, you need to find certain things related to the story. If you find enough objects, move on! You have many objects to find, with four unique stages waiting for you.

Then, if you want to try it yourself, you can create your cards and try cards from other players! So test your creativity to see what puzzles you can make.

#1 Rusty Lake Hotels

As a continuation of the series we discussed earlier, the Rusty Lake Hotel will take you to the eponymous hotel as a guest. You will explore a series of six rooms and interact with guests while solving puzzles. You need to pay attention to everything that is going on around you because every room is full of brain teasers.

In addition, you will be involved in life at the hotel by going to dinner, mingling with the guests, and seeing what is happening around you.

The team says it will be hard to stop once they start playing the game. So why not jump in and see if your claim is valid?

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