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Fortnite players baffled over the gender of latest character

gender of latest character

Warden of Rift, The most recent skin to be added to Fortnite, is Stellan. This person was designed to play a key role in the season’s medieval theme. The fans, like Joni The Red, appear perplexed about Stellan’s gender.

Many believed that Rift Warden would be a girl based on how leakers portrayed it. The argument made sense, given how many prominent female characters had previously occupied the lead roles. But as soon as the people realized they had been duped, everything changed.

Rift Warden Stellan has left the Fortnite community dazed and confused

Even though the design gave the impression that Rift Warden Stellan was female, it turns out that the character is male. This is because he has multiple voice lines in the game that explicitly state his gender.

When taking on the new Oathbound challenges, players will get to hear these voice lines. The Rift’s Warden Set is available from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks if you want to cosplay as the Rift Warden.

Coming back to the character’s gender, despite the initial bamboozling, the community as a whole has come to love the character and the skin. Here’s what a few have to say about it:

Putting aesthetics aside, Chapter 4 Season 1 will focus on Rift Warden Stellan. He is not only the Oathbound’s chief alchemist, but the Ageless Champion has also charged him with building a reliable Rift Gate.
These Rifts connect the real world to the metaverse, as has been observed in games over time. These have made it possible for characters from other worlds to visit Fortnite. The character design of Rift Warden Stellan appears odd, despite the noble nature of the mission at hand.

Rift Warden Stellan’s armor has an eerie connection to Husk from Save The World

The character’s in-game armor may have a dashing appearance, but it has a sinister secret. Comparable shaped hands may be spotted on his armor, similar to the Spire Assassin skin and the Husk Encampments in Fortnite Save The World.
Even though the hue of these hands is not “purple,” they resemble one another in form and pattern. Something is off, given that Rift Warden Stellan was reluctant to divulge his motivation for building the Rift Gates.

He may or may not be related to The Storm and Husks, but there does appear to be a connection between them. For the time being, it needs to be clarified and up to conjecture what that is. On that topic, there is also another interesting development.

A single golden hand protrudes near the character’s neck in addition to the unsettling hands on the armor. Again, it’s impossible to say for sure, but this may be Midas’ calling card rather than the one from Fortnite Chapter 2.

This is, if anything, Midas Rex’s signature. The Rift Warden and Midas are probably associated in some way because the character is wearing armor with a medieval theme.

Although no lore supports this assertion, the golden hand is a reliable sign that it is true. That said, given that Midas’ homecoming has been long overdue, Chapter 4 of Fortnite may see him visiting the island.

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