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5 best Minecraft cottage builds in 2023

Minecraft cottage

Cottages are one of the most popular things you can build in Minecraft. In the following section, you will find excellent examples of cottages that other users have created. Noite the nuances of their approach and use them in your builds. In Minecraft, players can construct freely to explore a blocky environment. The best of those builds typically make it to Reddit and other social media. To the community’s delight, their respective makers shared the following builds.

These Minecraft cottage builds are beautiful and cozy

1) Cute Mushroom Cottage

The Cute Mushroom Cottage is a great Minecraft cottage to decorate for Halloween. This build is primarily made up of clay and wood. Clay makes it harder to build on your own when playing survival. This cute mushroom house can be built in any biome you like but would look best in the forest or, of course, on a mushroom island. This build has tons of space, making it great for a survival build on any survival server. You have enough room to make a whole bedroom with tons of storage. The YouTuber TinyCraft made this incredible build.

2) Small Fantasy Cottage

The Small Fantasy Cottage is a small house you can build in Minecraft. It’s a fantastic starter cottage for beginners, as it’s easy to build and has a simple design. This cottage made by the fantastic YouTuber KoalaBuilds is a tiny yet cute build. This specific build would be fantastic on a cottagecore server. The cottage would be the perfect place to call home, and any player visiting would enjoy their stay.

3) Taiga Starter Cottage

This build is perfect for a minimalist cottage. There’s no redstone, so it’s easy to build. It also has plenty of room for expansion, with multiple floors and room for a basement. The rooms are large enough for all your favorite furniture but not too big to look empty and uninviting.

This incredible build is typically meant for the taiga biome, as seen in the video tutorial, but it would look great in many other places. The cottage is highly aesthetic, combining mossy cobblestone, normal cobblestone, stone bricks, and even wood! This fantastic build was made by the incredible Minecraft YouTuber Dio Rods, who truly did a great job showing off the cottage.

4) Tiny Cottage

The cottage is small, but it has a lot of details, such as the roof being made of a mixture of wood and stone. The build has a small yard with a beautiful garden and a cute pathway leading to the entrance. It even has a cute tiny window for anyone who wants to admire the garden. This fantastic build is done best when using the texture pack in the video, so players should check that out when following this tutorial. This is a great build for any player looking for a cottage that can fit anywhere. The amazing tutorial was made by YouTuber Kelpie The Fox.

5) Small Moss Cottage

This is a simple cottage built in the style of one of the most popular Minecraft builds. The cottage has a beautiful entrance with tiny windows on each side, which makes it feel very cozy. It also has a lot of grass blocks making up the roof, which is why the build is called the moss cottage. This amazing build truly blends in with its surroundings due to its size and look. It looks straight out of a fairytale, with how majestical it looks! The Minecraft builder and YouTuber Alessa_De made this magnificent cottage.

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