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What is the easiest way to drain oceans in Minecraft?

easiest way to drain oceans in Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, there are all kinds of natural landscapes making the game feel realistic, including oceans. Oceans are an integral part of world generation and cover almost half of Minecraft’s infinite map. In Minecraft, there is a way to drain and explore the oceans. Ocean monuments, sunken ships etc. are some of the fascinating structures present underwater. Although it may sound tedious to remove tons of water from oceans, there is an effective and easy way to drain them in Minecraft.

How to easily drain oceans in Minecraft

What items are needed to drain oceans

First things first, players must get all the items necessary for draining huge amounts of water from oceans. Players will need rare sponge blocks that can only be found in Ocean Monuments. These are crucial for draining oceans as they soak up a lot of water. The more sponges, the better. Next they will need tons of gravity affected blocks like sand or gravel. At least one large chest filled with stacks of sand blocks will be needed for this project.

How to start draining water from oceans

To start draining water from the oceans, players will have to do it in batches. First, players will have to divide the ocean into 4 block wide columns. This will ensure that neighboring water doesn’t spill around the dried area. To do this, drop sand blocks from a solid block until one pillar is made, like so make a wall of sand. Build the same leaving four blocks of water body in between.

Next, players will have to place sponge blocks inside that 4 block column for it to soak up the water. Players may need to repeat this process several times in one column, as the oceans are deep and one sponge won’t be enough. When one part of the ocean is clear, repeat the same in all parts.

Remember to drain the ocean in parts. After a while, players might notice that they’re running low on dry sponges. Instead of drying up wet sponges with a furnace, there is a way to dry them up instantly. Players can take all the wet sponges in the Nether realm.

Nether is the hottest realm in Minecraft. When players place wet sponge blocks in Nether, the water will instantly evaporate, drying up the sponges. This way, slowly but steadily, players can drain whole oceans in Minecraft and explore them in a unique way. There are many other ways to drain the ocean, such as by dropping loads of sand on it, or by complex redstone contraptions. But this is the most straight-forward method to do it.

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