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The Fortnite v23.10 update brings the Dirt Bike, Ex-Caliber Rifle, Slap Berry, and Slap Juice from the new Chapter of Fortnite Battle Royale! Additionally, there are some quality-of-life updates to core game systems, such as a new Event Browser for those using the direct event binding system and a smaller collision capsule around players.

v23.10 also introduces the Elimination Game island template, visual and UI updates to multiple devices, and bug fixes for devices, Prefabs, and Galleries.


The Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike from Chapter 4, Season 1 Battle Royale, is now available in Creative! You can use the Dirtbike spawner to spawn dirtbikes on your island and customize the options as with other vehicles in Creative.


This powerful semi-automatic rifle fires a ballistic blade at your enemies, which detonates moments later.


Two new consumables also come from Battle Royale:

Slap Berry: This refreshing fruit restores health and gives players unlimited energy regeneration in the short term. This is especially useful for islands that encourage sprinting or with melee weapons that consume energy for charged attacks.

Slap juice: Slap juice gives even more health than the slap berry and longer temporary energy regeneration.


If you have converted islands to the direct event binding system, you will notice a replacement for the channel browser in My Island: the Event Browser! The new event browser will show you all the devices on your island that have direct event bindings and will allow you to teleport to them. You can see a quick summary of how many events and features are connected for each device from one place.

The All Devices tab returns from the channel browser, but we have added a search bar to make it easier to find and teleport the devices you need.

This is only the first version of the Event browser, and we will continue to improve it and add even more valuable features. For example, you will notice that at the moment, you can only teleport to devices on the left side of the panel, but in the future, you will also be able to teleport to devices on the right side.



Smaller Player Collision Capsule: As part of the improvements to Fortnite’s core systems, we reduced the size of the capsule used for collisions with the player. This allows players to cross narrow corridors. You may notice that players can get into areas they were unable to do before.


The following devices have been updated to send a message to the HUD when players score points:


Color Changing Tile


Pinball Bumper

Pinball Pinball

Score Manager


The following new customizable options have been added for the devices listed above:

View score update on the HUD

HUD Message

HUD News-Reset Score

Color of the HUD news review

HUD Message Color

New visual style for the explosive device: In addition to the explosive barrel, you can select bomb for the Device net option. This is a round cartoon-like bomb with a fuse at the top. If you have activated either the Proximity delay option or the Time to detonation option from the start of the game, the fuse of the bomb will remain lit while the timer is active.

New Visual Style for Sequencer Pulses: Set the new Custom Pulse Style option, and the Sequencer Pulse will have a more extensive visual style than the default translucent style. This makes it easier to see the progress of the pulse.

The Create Only option has been added to the Billboard device, so it can be set to be visible only while the creators are in creation mode.

Guards generated by Wake Spawner devices can now use cooler and Pulse grenades.


In this new island template, you will learn how to use the team settings and inventory device with other devices to change players’ weapons when fighting for the most eliminations.



Fixed a bug that caused primitive gallery props to fall through creative islands.


Fixed an issue where cutting and pasting a D-Launcher device caused the VFX to stay in the original location.

Fixed an issue where the HUD controller options for player classes did not work, where the Allow Building option was set to something other than Do not Overwrite.

Fixed an issue where the prop mover would not reverse when items collided with AI, players, or props.

Fixed an issue where the mutator zone plate options were not saved after the default values were changed.

Fixed an issue where some Score Manager options’ names were unclear.

Fixed an issue where tags for fuel pumps and water equipment needed to be added to the Creative inventory.

Fixed an issue where teleport devices with the Link to Destination option did not work properly under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where the color of the score in the HUD was sometimes reset to the default blue, regardless of the color set in the HUD Message Score Color option of the Score Manager.


Fixed an issue that allowed a Battle Royale island to be entered via the golden crack even after deletion, causing the creator to spawn on the Battle Royale island without a phone tool and outside of the creation mode.

Fixed an issue where creators could not publish an island after publishing another island.


Fixed an issue where DBNO players did not take fire damage.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from being teleported if they wrapped themselves right at the beginning of the teleport.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to spawn under the Battle Royale Island map.

Fixed an issue where direct event binding did not work on Battle Royale Islands.

Fixed an issue where players did not start matchmaking on a Battle Royale island when the creators first stepped into their golden rift.

Fixed an issue where the grab slider was not working properly.

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