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10 Hardest Missions In GTA V, Ranked

Hardest Missions In GTA V, Ranked

Even though some missions in GTA V can be skipped, the hardest ones can also be the most fun, and players will frequently try again until they succeed.

The most recent Grand Theft Auto game has been available for nearly ten years. One of the most well-known games came after GTA IV tried and tested expansion packs, multiplayer, and celebrity cameos. The single-player campaign in GTA V is strong and features three of the best protagonists in the series, along with an engaging storyline.

10.The Big Score” Is The Hardest Mission In GTA V

The hardest level in a game is typically the last one, and GTA V is no different. “The Big Score” can be executed in one of two ways. Both techniques demand skillful driving and a lot of ammunition. The largest theft the characters pull off results in a substantial split for everyone.

Players can start the grand robbery after making a few preparations. As the characters come into contact with the gold, things become more challenging. The LSPD and Merryweather troops attack the crew with all of their resources. Gamers are then given a 5-star desired status, adding to the pressure. The Big Score” is, without a doubt, the most challenging objective in GTA V.

9.Blitz Play Is A Tough Mission

In “Blitz Play,” the three protagonists engage in a fierce gunfight with an overwhelming number of armed police officers after robbing an armored vehicle. While the other two stand guard at the compound’s entrance, Trevor is far above the ground.

The characters are under constant attack from the LSPD, who show no mercy. While Trevor hunts down snipers and helicopters, they make an effort to flank Michael and Franklin. The gunfight is a difficult assignment with a lot going on, and keeping everyone alive is a difficult challenge for players.

8.Trevor Realizes The Truth In Bury The Hatchet

Trevor learns the truth about their mutual friend Brad in “Bury The Hatchet.” Wei Cheng’s armed men storm the cemetery after Trevor chases Michael to Ludendorff in North Yankton. Trevor flees, leaving his old friend behind.
Players must battle off numerous adversaries while carrying only a handgun, one of GTA V’s poorest weapons, to get to Michael’s automobile. The mission is renowned for its difficulty since the players were required to continuously find cover and advance while shooting several waves of Cheng’s well-trained men. The task is one of the hardest in GTA V and is difficult to finish on the first try.

7.Caída Libre Is A Challenging Chase With Many Obstacles

In the thrillingly original mission “Cada Libre,” players must shoot down a private plane carrying crucial documents for Martin Madrazo. Once Michael successfully hits the moving target three times (which can be challenging), Trevor must ride a motorcycle after the damaged jet to recover the payload.

The hardest phase of the operation is when Trevor chases the plane through the desert after quickly descending the mountain. Throughout the route, obstacles like rocks, trees, and fences must be avoided, and leaps over trains and roadways must be executed skillfully. This time-sensitive task is probably one of the hardest because there are many obstacles to avoid while traveling at fast speeds.

6.Derailed Has Some Challenging Objectives

The legendary task “Derailed” includes landing in a Sanchez, a classic car featured throughout the GTA game, on a moving train. Trevor must ride the motorcycle along the top of the train over the constrained containers once he is inside to get to the driver. After several tries, this goal can be attained.

Trevor and Michael manage to elude capture by helicopters and waves of armed Merryweather goons following the train wreck. Players must remove the adversaries when Michael carefully travels through the steep rapids and down the river. One of the most difficult missions in GTA V is “Derailed,” which features a few difficult sections.

5.Michael Wakes Up In A Body Bag In Dead Man Walking

In “Dead Man Walking,” when Michael first meets Dave, the FIB agent, he is compelled to assist him with some tasks. After being knocked unconscious, the main character awakens in a corpse bag in the mortuary. Players must make their way out unarmed after spotting Kerimov’s toe tag on the incorrect body.
The security carries guns in this task, which can be acquired after cunningly killing the first guard. So there must be a lot of scurrying for cover and precise shooting. The skilled guards can strike suddenly from different rooms, hallways, and stairwells with deadly accuracy. Because of this, the assignment is one of the most difficult in the most popular game.

4.Crystal Maze Is A Memorable Mission

Trevor must destroy the opposition when Mr. Cheng and his translator decide to work with the O’Neil brothers. Because of this and the fact that Trevor is the only character players may currently control, “Crystal Maze” is a standout mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s difficult to approach the building and eliminate the enemies without being seen. Yet navigating the tight spaces of the house is the most challenging because some enemies are armed with shotguns and are hidden in corners. Players can only demolish the meth lab and burn down the ranch after breaking inside the facility. This task is undoubtedly a challenging shootout.

3.Each Protagonist Has A Grass Roots Mission

Each protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V has access to a “Grass Roots” task. Barry, a supporter of marijuana, is introduced to the players at this point. After drinking some of his products, players taking on the roles of Michael or Trevor are equipped with a machine gun and have to take out waves of rather odd foes.

The adversaries will spawn randomly around Legion Square as clowns or aliens, depending on the player’s character. This site task is challenging because no cover or health packs are accessible. Many players have had to try it again because it’s a quest slightly different from the norm.

2.Mr. Philips Is When Gamers First Meet Trevor

Trevor is initially introduced to players in the “Mr. Philips” assignment. After the Ashley cut scene, Trevor murders Johnny, a significant character from The Lost MC. The Lost’s camp is where the gang hangs out before wreaking havoc on their trailer park. Thus players must follow the gang members there.
The assault is more challenging when players initially play through the tale because Trevor has a pistol and a shotgun. After all, this is the protagonist’s first assignment. This is a particularly difficult in Grand Theft Auto V because of the limited armament and the requirement to get close to targets.

1.Daddy’s Little Girl Can Get Repetitive

“Daddy’s Little Daughter” is one of Michael’s initial assignments. Although it’s not considered challenging, one of the objectives can become tediously repeated. Michael swims over and crashes the party after finding Tracey on a neighboring yacht and beating Jimmy to the dock.

The main character then departs the situation while riding a jet ski with his daughter on it while being pursued by armed adult film producers. The hardest part of this mission is avoiding enemy fire while moving through the dock area. In a small space, controlling a jet ski is challenging, and the pursuer’s aim is surprisingly accurate.

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