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Top 5 heaviest things in Minecraft

Top 5 heaviest things in Minecraft

Minecraft Steve needs to be very physically fit. To begin with, he runs everywhere in the world, rarely relying on a horse, boat, or other modes of transportation. He also engages in mob combat, sometimes using only his hands. He also occasionally employs weaponry, which is only sometimes simple to wield.

He is also strong, possibly among the most powerful video game characters ever. He can move quickly while carrying multiple stacks of objects in his inventory. Some of those products weigh a tonne as well. These are the heaviest things in Minecraft.

Minecraft items that weigh the most

5) Anvil

One of the heaviest things in Minecraft is an anvil. One anvil weighs 27.1 metric tonnes, claims Zachary Dinsmore, a Quora contributor. There aren’t many game goods that weigh more than that.
Nothing constructed of stone is particularly heavy, nor are wooden blocks. The anvil is made from three iron blocks (36 ingots), which can be quite hefty, and three ingots. That totals a fairly substantial item.

4) Nether star

Technically, the Nether star is a star, making it the heaviest object according to scientific standards. But since this is a computer game, it’s also not a real star with its gravity.

It’s still one of the heaviest things in Minecraft, if it even weighs a small portion of what a star does. Since it’s impossible to determine, it ranks fourth on this list rather than first, which is where it belongs.

3) Enchanted golden apple

An enchanted gold apple, often known as a “Notch apple,” was once a craftable item. It is now one of the most unusual items in the game because that time has passed. An apple and eight gold blocks made up the crafting recipe.

Eight gold blocks combined into one item would make it the heaviest item in the game since gold blocks are among the game’s heaviest blocks.

The Notch apple’s ranking on this list is conjecture, though, as the crafting recipe is no longer applicable. It’s still one of the heaviest objects in Minecraft, assuming it weighs anything as it did before.

2) Gold block

The gold block was the heaviest thing for a while. Steve’s inventory contains shulker boxes filled with gold blocks that players can utilise to test Steve’s might.

Despite not being the heaviest object, they are nevertheless rather heavy. With a density of 19,300 kilogrammes per cubic metre, only a very small number of other game commodities can compare to gold.

1) Netherite block

According to Reddit user u/AgentCacti, a new hardest block called Netherite was added during the 1.16 release. They declared:

“The Netherite block is now the heaviest block, with a gold block weighing 19.3 metric tonnes (42549.22 pounds), meaning that each gold ingot weighs a staggering 2.14 metric tonnes (4717.892 pounds), and since each Netherite ingot uses 4 gold nuggets, the weight for a Netherite ingot is 8.58 metric tonnes (18915.66 pounds), and finally, a Netherite block is 9 Netherite ingot so

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