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GTA San Andreas vice city and GTA Online have never solved the biggest mysteries

GTA San Andreas vice city and GTA Online have never solved the biggest mysteries

Grand Theft Auto players have discovered some great secrets over the years, some of which are still asking us questions. Here we will go through the greatest folk tales of the famous games GTA 5, voice city and San Andreas.

Whether you like to dig deeper into ideas, Easter eggs and discoveries in video games or not, there is no denying that developers are happy to get part of their community by planting seeds.

These can never lead to something particularly interesting, although there is always a chance they will later become more interesting under the line. After seeing them, we are sure that you will agree with him.

Some of them have haunted the GTA series for years, in which several clues have been found in various maps released.

Not everyone saw every Easter egg over the years. However, the player base does a great job of digging them up. This is for sure.

It doesn’t matter if a gesture is underwater, has gone deep into the forest, or in no place can anyone think about this sight. They will find something if it is added; you can bet the dollar below you on it.


No bigger than this myth. This GTA series has seen that it has stood out for the longest time. Does bigfoot ever roam in Grand Theft Auto?

As we all know, the idea of Bigfoot being a real thing in our world is a myth busters have been trying to find out for decades, allegedly visiting documents in several places. The same can be said for the game the rock star because rumours of seeing this giant animal in the game have been going on since the days of GTA 3.

Some say it hid in the mountains, while others claim it manifested itself and attacked athletes, but the evidence was thin. In San Andreas, some players claim that they have seen the dangerous animal.

Popular sightings were Mount Chiliad’s natural arch, shady cabin area, and rear O’ on the map. Unfortunately, though, its existence has never been confirmed by Dios.

The idea of such an unknown phenomenon is likely following its course around the same map as players, offline or online, can give some crepes. Or the desire to discover for themselves.

Black Cellphones

There are many different numbers to call GTA 5 players in the game’s online mode, whether it’s dialling Leicester’s number for help or being called by characters to set up jobs.

However, there is a number – above all – that has a random response to dialling and no real explanation at the time of writing. It was found by Twitter user @KarmaIngram1, since which their account has been suspended, and is believed to have been found in game files. Probably, we did not know about it.

After being released for the first time in 2013, all different types of Easter eggs have been added to GTA Online over the years, although this phone call mystery may be the most distant. After all, there is no real reason behind what happens. Once the number is 1-999-367-3767, it connects the player to the “black cell phones” before detonating explosives (considered emp) in nearby Air-community members also claim that other numbers have similar consequences.

There needs to be more clarity about why this happens, and these answers continue to wait.

Alien takeover

This is a perfect sign of our next big mystery, which has existed for years in the presence of Grand Theft Auto – aliens. It has to be broken into three parts, starting with teasers and moving on to something more interesting to discover at sea. Wait until you see even the leaked UFO mission…

Although GTA Online has never actually had a physical alien attack, several indications are connected with all possible occurrences, and some are even linking EMP phone calls to the mystery. Although, there is much more concrete evidence.

It all started in the original Grand Theft Auto, where during the ‘robbery omnipotent intruder’ mission, a man claims to have classified information about the extraterrestrial presence after attacking an army base. In 2019, a viral movement took place in which millions of people signed up to attack Area 51 to find aliens, but clearly, the real title of the rock star was far ahead of its time.

From there, we have seen pedestrians mention foreigners in off-hand comments on the streets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Not to mention the religious sect ‘Epsilon Program’ that also claims to be aware of its existence in the game.

Since these mysteries were just words and not much evidence, they have shown their face since that time. The creature manifested itself in a snow-covered GTA 5 Easter egg.

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