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How Do E-sports Players Make Money? 

Of course, the income in esports is a little in football or hockey, but yearly the total fee check increases. The income depends on which game the player has chosen and whether he is in the media section.  

Social networks and streaming

Many sportspeople maintain personal pages on social networks and receive additional income through YouTube. In the gaming community, streams are specially developed where users can watch the game live. To create a successful account from scratch, they usually buy real YouTube users to Top Up Live broadcasts using a rating system on the network. After all, the more followers, likes, and comments, the more the channel’s author look for. In this article, we will analyze what sports players do in addition to the operation of social networks and streaming Earn.  

Price fee

 The main source of income is price fees. The largest amount is played in the big championship, in which the best team players from all over the world participate. If we talk about the most popular Dota 2 discipline, players receive the largest prize at the international level. Every year the championship breaks its records, increasing the prize money. This is the main difference between sports and classic sports that we are familiar with. In video game competitions, you need to win to earn a lot. And in football, for example, every season, only running on the field and getting more and more money is enough not to try to score goals to do.  


 But the income of Dota 2 players also consists of sponsorship contracts and club salaries. Some sportsmen participate in advertising and sign advertising service contracts, while others are members of specialized clubs that regularly pay salaries. This is a good additional source of income, but only some succeed in achieving such success.  

Ads: the success of your area

 With League of Legends, the situation is more complicated. Here, the income does not depend on the rating but on the region’s success on the international stage. MOBA from Riot Games is a popular discipline in Europe, America, and Asia, so local athletes do not complain about income. Many themed clubs, YouTube channels, and streamers exist in these countries. All this positively increases the total income of athletes. Many of them are trying to earn as much as possible in their favorite sport, so you can often find thematic equipment. 

Personal Brand

 Players who create personal brands never suffer from small incomes. For a quick and successful start to the author’s profile, it is enough to buy YouTube subscribers, design a channel, talk about maintaining an account on other sites, and regularly publish high-quality content. The richest players in the League of legends are from China and Korea. In their native countries, they are as popular as K-pop stars or film actors. Some contracts amounted to millions of dollars, and the three-time world champion forger also became the face of the local ice cream brand. Cs: with GO players, their situation is similar to that of Dota 2 players. But here, a player’s income depends on their position in the HLTV rating. It is a resource that publishes news about the game, the results of past competitions, and the collection of Statistics. The portal publishes ratings of players and teams, and the higher the team is in it, the more income is received. Only some clubs rely on resource data, but most still use it as a good opportunity to find new players. If teams show excellent results and achieve high positions, rich organizations wishing to enter discipline may be interested in them. That is why scouts from large clubs spend so much time on HLTV; their task is not to miss the newly emerging stars of esports. Famous cyber sportspeople are the same celebrities as film actors, musicians, and representatives of the fashion world. You have a lot of different ways. There is an opportunity to earn money and constantly increase your income. Most often, they prefer live broadcasts to develop a personal brand and be close to fans, but at the same time to create an additional source of income. 

Hired Large Companies

 Visibility in the media sector helps, among other things, to find new connections and use them for their development. Many sports streamers such as Fortnite, Dota 2, and CS: GO were noticed by large companies, which made real athletes from them in the future, who could succeed early. The authors of the channels showed their game, talked with followers, and accepted donations without expecting more. And in a few months, they become members of well-known clubs and make a lot of money in their favorite sports.

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