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The best free games for 2023

free games for 2023

So how do you rate games like animals on PC? With decades of titles (and the first port of call for most indie titles), there is a lot to choose from. Playing on your computer has the advantages of backward compatibility (almost always error-free) and graphics performance that surpass the console if you have a coin for it. The whole idea of what a PC is and where to play is also changing with the advent of a” stable ” handheld PC, such as a steam deck. We deliberately tried to expand here with our recommendations – There are many great games for your computer; consider them some starting points.


The roller drome is lush. It’s incredibly stylish and takes cues from 1970s Hollywood sci-fi, but with an attractive cell shading filter for every scene. Even better than its amazing style, the Rollerdrome has smooth, precise mechanics that allow players to fall into the flow at all levels. The game is about gliding through the atmosphere on rollerblades, dodging and shooting enemies, managing weapons and gaining momentum while controlling time and doing tricks – and they all come together in an exciting dystopian blood sport.

It’s a joy to dodge, dodge, dodge and then jump into the air, slow down time and take out the people shooting at you, refill ammunition and collect health in the process. Meanwhile, a disturbing story of corporate greed unfolds naturally under the bloodshed of rollerbladers, which keeps the stakes high. Rollerdrome was a sleeper hit of 2022, so if you took a nap on this one, it’s time to wake up and play.


Stray is a perfectly enclosed adventure game in which you embody a cat in a post-apocalyptic world that people have left behind. It has a lot of fresh ideas, each reduced to its purest form. Many actions in Stray exist simply because they make sense to a cat protagonist (and probably because they are cute). There is a discreet button for meowing, and the robots with whom the cat shares its world react with shock and frustration when they cut over their board game and throw pieces on the floor. In principle, it can curl up and sleep anytime and anywhere – even directly on a robot stranger. When the cat gets pets and cuddles from the robots, it purrs, and the feel of the DualSense fires in response. The environment puzzles use this perspective at the cat level and invite players to look at the world with different, light-reflecting eyes.

In addition to solving puzzles, jumping ledges and dodging blobs, Stray introduces you to a carefree dystopia where robots do not hate the people who came before them. Instead, they are trying to grow plants that can survive in the dark just because people would like that. Compared to most dystopian cyberpunk games, Stray is downright cheerful.

Overwatch 2

Although Blizzard has improved entry levels for new players this time, Overwatch 2 still has a steep learning curve. Stick to it, and you can join the best team shooter. Overwatch 2 has a simple goal: stand on or near a target and keep the other team away long enough to win. In practice, it is much more complicated. Games may seem like colourful chaos for an untrained eye, but Overwatch 2 has a simple goal: stand on or near a target and keep the other team away long enough to win.

In practice, it is much more complicated. The Blizzard reduced the number of players in each team from six to five. The widespread increase in character has made the gameplay faster and more entertaining than the original Overwatch. The emphasis is more on personal effects, but you still need to work well with your teammates to win.

Now with a cast of more than 30 heroes, each with different skills and playing styles, you will surely find some Overwatch 2 characters to connect. The first new heroes are all great things to play with. There are many great (although often expensive) new skins that you can even equip them with. The game also looks and looks great, thanks to the Blizzard trademark. At least until you understand how to play Overwatch 2, you can be surprised at how good it looks.

Beat Saber

Beat Suede is an intense gaming sensation that makes the most of virtual reality. They will swing their unofficial lightsabers over the incoming boxes, cut them off and hit the soundtrack’s beat. Like the famous rhythm rail shooter Reese, which has its own VR replay, the Beat Sabre often gives you the feeling of making music when you press your gestures. We may have initial reservations about the soundtrack at launch, but new tracks and adjustments continue to increase the challenge. Even a level creator for PC gamers makes it the final version.


Take the story of Alan Wake’s strange twin peaks, break it with the obsessive forces of quantum brakes and the shooting game, and you are in control. If you are a woman looking for her lost brother, you will quickly know that there is a thin line between reality and fantasy. This is catnip for everyone who loves X-Files and Supernatural. It is also a great example of a studio working at a creative height, improving and developing the open world formula that has dominated the sport over the past decade .

Disco Elysium Final Cut

Disco Elysium is a special game. The first release from Estonian studio ZA/UM, it’s a sprawling science-fiction RPG that takes more inspiration from D&D and Baldur’s Gate than modern combat-focused games. There is no combat to speak of. Instead, you’ll create your character, choose their strengths and weaknesses, and then pass D&D-style skill checks to make your way through the story. You’ll, of course, be levelling up your abilities and boosting stats with items. Still, the game’s systems fall away in place of a truly engaging story featuring some of the finest writing ever to grace a video game.

With the Final Cut, released 18 months after the original, this extremely dialogue-heavy game now has full voice acting, which brings the unique world more to life than ever before. After debuting on PC, PS5 and Stadia, Final Cut is now available for all extant home consoles – including Nintendo’s Switch.

Halo Infinite

Master Chief’s latest adventure does not make much sense narratively, but it is fun to play. After the intermediate efforts of 343 Industries over the past decade, Hello Infinity manages to breathe new life into Microsoft’s flagship franchise while staying true to fan-loving elements. The main campaign is more open than ever while also giving you new freedom of movement with a reliable gripping hook. And the multiplayer mode is surprisingly addictive (although 343 still needs to speed up the development of the experience), and things with maps and game modes prevent it from becoming staler. The only thing that keeps him away from greatness is his shocking and desperate story.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Who doesn’t want to be the captain of his ship? After a few hours of FTL: Faster than light, you may rethink your life goals. FTL is a roguelike, meaning each game starts from the same place. All you have to do is travel through multiple star systems, recruit crew members and collect scraps as you make your way towards the ultimate exhibition against a ship with more power than stupid. The gameplay is roughly divided between map views, where you want to chart the most efficient route for your purpose, and can withstand real-time running events (although you can use the pause button to slow things down And will).

The real fun comes in the narrative, which plays in two ways. There is a systematic aspect, where each time, you will be asked to make decisions that can improve or hinder your chances of survival. And then there is a natural story you create for yourself, as you are forced to decide, for example, whether it is worth sacrificing a staff member for the maximum good.


Heads were the first title to be included in our list of the best PC games for the first time. It is an action role-playing game developed by the team behind The Bastion, Transistor, and Pier. You play Zagreb In Hades, who spits a little with his father and wants to escape the underworld. To achieve this, Zagreb will have to fight its way to different levels and levels of the underworld. Along the way, you will receive “bonuses” from ancient gods, such as Zeus, Ares, and Aphrodite, which will have additional effects on your attacks. Each level is divided into rooms filled with monster objects, and a mini-bass is occasionally used.

Since Hades is a “rogue-like” game, you start in the same place every time. At the same time, the collected items can be used to access and improve new weapons and abilities that remain between sessions. Hades is not on this list for some reason, and it is very accessible and very fun. You can jump and explode for 30 minutes or play for hours.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx feels like a miracle. After 13 years from the franchise, Valve delivered a really exciting prequel to Half-Life 2 and broke new ground for VR gameplay. The gravitational gloves, their most important new feature, are the closest I’ve ever felt to telekinetic forces. It offers multiple movement options, so you don’t get sick while trotting through the expansive environments. Oh yes, and it’s also absolutely terrifying to bet on the claustrophobic nature of VR. There is no looking away when a facehugger jumps at you from the darkness or when a deformed zombie enters your face. It sounds hyperbolic, but Alyx could become one of the most important titles of this generation. Building a big-budget game for a niche VR market makes little sense for most companies, but it’s Tuesday for Valve.

Nier Automata

Nier Automata takes up the razor-sharp battle of the Platinum Games title and puts him in the world of Yoko Taro, everyone’s favorite maniac. Don’t worry. You can mostly just run, shoot and punch your way through the game, but when you finish the game, you’ll be stuck in a special narrative that’s never been done before and probably never will be done. It’s fair to say that the PC version, as, unfortunately, it often happens, was not the best at all and there is still a noticeable lack of options, but now it’s at least stable and trusts us when we say that it’s impossible to miss this version.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator came out at the perfect time when the world was locked, and air travel was impossible for most people. With the flight simulation, players can control various aircraft and present the world in stunning, ridiculous details on a record. It’s an escape, and it’s educational and entertaining – is that what you mean by E3? – and there is nothing else at his level regarding realistic physics simulations. Pandemic or not, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an incredible achievement with a long tail both inside and outside the video game industry.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Many were ready to write off the Resident Evil series after the disaster of Resident Evil 6. What started as a horror game on the original PlayStation had become a bloated mess of an action game. Instead of throwing the whole franchise in the trash and forgetting about it, Capcom carefully examined what did not work, what — surprise! – basically everything was and thoroughly restarted the formula. Based on Kojima’s PT and in a way on Alien: Isolation from Creative Assembly, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is horror by fainting. For the majority of the game, there’s nothing you can do but run away from your enemies or delay them. And that’s what makes it so good.

Return of the Obra Dinn

This is an unforgettable ghost story slash murder mystery with a distinctive old-school graphic style. It’s unlike any game we’ve played in a while, with a low-key score and a style of puzzle solving that looks like a satisfying, grisly puzzle. You will be taken on board a ship alone in return for the Obra Dinn. However, there is a corpse near the captain’s cabin. While following the last steps of the deceased, which lead to even more gruesome endings, you need to find out what happened. Who killed whom? And who is still alive? Special mention should be made of the sound effect that sets in every time you solve the fate of three crew members. Goosebumps.

The Witcher 3

It could be the best open-world role-playing game there is. Although The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is several years old now, it’s a dense action game that acknowledges the player’s maturity with several — occasionally harrowing — storylines, decisions that have consequences, and almost too much play to wrestle with. It’s not perfect; the combat system is rough, the frustrating death comes in the form of a fall from just a few meters away, and there are a lot of quest fillers in addition to a lot of incredibly well-thought-out distractions. The scope and ambitions that will be shown will amaze you, and once you are done, there are some excellent expansions to see.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 deftly walks a fine line by being an extremely deep and complex racing game that almost anyone can easily learn and play. The game has hundreds of cars you can endlessly customize to suit your driving style and dozens of courses spread over a beautiful fictional corner of Mexico. If you increase the difficulty, one mistake will sink your entire race, and the online competition can be just as fierce.

But if you’re new to racing games, Forza Horizon 5 does an excellent job of getting you up and running. The introduction to the game will quickly give you a taste of the four main types of races that you will encounter (road racing, cross-country skiing, etc.).) and features such as the rewind button mean that you can quickly erase errors if you try to go too fast on a turn without having to restart your run. Forza Horizon 5 is a beautiful and fun game suitable for almost any skill level. It’s easy to do a few races and go on with your day, or you can sink into it for hours and try to become the best driver you can be.

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