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How to spawn and defeat Wither in Minecraft (2023)

Wither in Minecraft

An optional boss in Minecraft called The Wither can be called and defeated at the player’s discretion. Although defeating this formidable adversary is not necessary to finish the story in Survival Mode, doing so causes the beast to drop priceless nether stars, which are needed to construct beacon blocks.

It’s not surprising that Minecraft players want to defeat this optional enemy because the Wither provides this valuable resource, and beacons are so helpful to gaming. That’s easier said than done, though, as the Wither has a staggeringly high health total and a variety of ways to hurt players.

Furthermore, the Wither may have different attacks and patterns available depending on Minecraft’s version. If Minecraft players want to fight this powerful creature, they must first summon it.

Summoning and battling the Wither in Minecraft

It would help if you first summoned the Wither using soul sand/soul dirt and three wither skeleton skulls to fight it. This implies that players in Survival Mode will require access to the Nether and a Nether castle. This is because while soul sand and soul soil can sometimes be easier to find, skeletons only appear in fortresses.

Collecting the blocks mentioned above from the Creative Inventory will allow players playing in Creative Mode to avoid going into the Nether.

Summoning the Wither as of Minecraft 1.19

1-Collect four bricks of soul sand or soul soil. At a height level of Y=34 or lower, the latter can be extracted from the Nether wastes biome. It is also present in the overworld structures of old cities. Meanwhile, the soul sand valley biome of the Nether contains soul soil.

2-Assemble three skulls of withered skeletons. When killed, the mobs that drop the items have a 2.5% chance of dropping a skull. They can be found in Nether castles. Since the chances of finding skulls are slim, you might wish to kill the skeletons with a weapon that has the looting enchantment to enhance your chances.

3-When you have all your supplies, create a T-shaped building out of your soul sand or soil. The three withered skeleton skulls should then be placed across its top. The Wither should then manifest. Once the summoning structure has been set up, make sure to move back from it since the Wither will cause a significant explosion that will cause a lot of damage.

As soon as the Wither is called, it will start combating the Minecraft players. The skulls fired from the Wither’s heads explode on impact, much like a ghast’s fireball. It would be best if you made every effort to avoid these blows while striking the monster up close or from a distance.

However, the Wither acquires the Wither Armor property and becomes impervious to projectiles like thrown tridents and arrows once it reaches half health. To kill the beast, you must get near and use melee weapons.

The Wither in Minecraft:¬†Bedrock Edition is considerably more harmful. As the Wither loses health, it can fly to random places and fire clusters of skulls more quickly. The boss gains wither armour, fires an extra skull every burst, and can charge the player when its health reaches half. At this point, it will call three to four wither skeletons to help it fight. On Easy difficulty, though, the monster won’t call the fodder mobs.

It is strongly encouraged to combat the Wither underground. This prevents the boss from gaining a height advantage, although it makes it harder to avoid strikes.

On the main island of the End, there is another exploit where you can call the Wither from beneath the portal back to the overworld. By employing this technique, the boss appears and causes an explosion but cannot eliminate the bedrock blocks that make up the portal. The Wither can then be eliminated since its heads become trapped in those blocks.

Another exploit allows you to summon the Wither from beneath the portal back to the overworld on the main island of the End. The boss appears via this method and produces an explosion but cannot destroy the bedrock blocks that make up the portal. The Wither can then be defeated because its head is stuck in those blocks.

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