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Minecraft 1.20 will introduce Sniffer mob, cherry blossom biome, and archeology

Minecraft 1.20

About a month into 2023, and already there are some exciting new developments regarding Minecraft. If you’re unsure what to anticipate from Minecraft 1.20, read our in-depth coverage from October to learn more about what is included in the newest version of the game. But we now know more about at least three of the upcoming update’s novel features, such as information on the new sniffer mob, cherry blossom biome, and archaeology. Read on to discover more.

Our first inside look at new Minecraft 1.20 features

Even though there is no set timetable for the release of Minecraft 1.20, we are starting to notice larger and more feature-rich updates. Three of the key features of Minecraft 1.20—all of which should be present in the upcoming early snapshots—have been discussed on the Minecraft blog.

We’ll look at archaeology first to get things started. Since it makes sense, this new section of Minecraft begins in the desert. Digging will start inside a desert temple, but as 1.20 gets closer to being released, more dig sites will be added.

Watch out for “strange sand” when digging; brush it aside rather than excavate it with a shovel. The brush is first introduced in the 1.20 update. The brush will assist you in removing whatever is concealed there, which may include “pottery shards to random things.” Many patterns “convey unique stories,” and you may place four separate ceramic pieces together to create a pot.

A cherry blossom biome will be included in Minecraft 1.20 in addition to the new archaeology section. This unusual biome, covered in cherry blossom trees, provides a full wood set that may be made into things like hanging signs, planks, doors, and the like because it is a forest.

The sniffer is a brand-new creature that will appear in Minecraft 1.20. It’s a long-extinct mob that has recently come back to life. To bring the breed back into your planet, you’ll need to locate its eggs and assist in their hatching. Sniffer eggs are hidden inside the sand; after you’ve found one, it’s time to assist with its hatching. When the sniffle is born, it will develop into a large yet useful sniffer. When the sniffer first explored the Overworld, it would smell for seeds. You could then plant the seeds to grow unusual and beautiful flora.

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