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Minecraft: All kinds of Wooden Boards and Where to Find Them

Wooden Boards

The wooden boards are the best in Minecraft, and they come in a variety of styles. Where can each wooden board be purchased?

The wooden board is the basic building block of almost everything in Minecraft. It is the first thing that players need to collect, and it is fundamental for the manufacture of basic tools and shelters and is used as an early melting fuel.

1.Warped Stem

The deformed rod is the last type of wooden board available in Minecraft. It comes from a huge deformed mushroom and has a bluish-green color. Players can grow their own on a tree farm using bone meal on a deformed mushroom on Deformed Nylium.

As the crimson stems, the deformed stems only appear in the Nether. They are found exclusively in the deformed forest biome. To find this biome, players must search for the enemy Nether. They are a solid option for players who live in the Nether or want their unique colored wooden boards.

2.Crimson Stem

The purple stem is a unique wooden board from a huge purple mushroom. They give an aesthetically pleasing crimson color. A huge purple-red mushroom exists only in the only variance. Players can create a tree farm via bone meal on Crimson Fungus on Nylium.

Crimson stems of a huge crimson mushroom appears only in the crimson forest. The crimson forest is a unique biome located exclusively in the Nether, so you must explore this dangerous realm to find one. These can serve a player who lives in the Nether or wants to have wooden boards with this unique color.


Acacias are rarer than oaks but not as rare as black oaks. They also create frustrating tree farms due to their bizarre growth patterns. However, their unique reddish color makes them an attractive wooden board for many players. They are available in three varieties: Standard acacia, multi-roofed acacia, and straighter acacia. Which Variant develops is completely random and cannot be significantly influenced by the player.

4.Dark Oak

Dark oaks are the rarest tree in the game, and growing them effectively on a farm is extremely difficult. This is because dark oaks require four seedlings, giving an average of four to six seedlings per tree. That being said, they carry apples, which can be worth it. They come in a single standard variant.

Dark oaks appear only in the dark forest biome. Players will have to spend some time exploring a dark forest biome. However, forested mansions are located exclusively in dark forests so players can find this biome through a treasure map.



The jungle wood planks come from jungle trees only found in a handful of biomes. There are three jungle trees: the Standard jungle trees, the mega jungle tree, and the jungle bush. Standard jungle trees are about the size of oaks, mega jungle trees can reach up to 30 blocks in height, and the jungle bush usually consists of one or two trunks on the ground.
The jungle trees are found in the bamboo jungle, the jungle, and the biomes of the jungle margins. Mega-Jungles are the best source of wooden planks due to their size, but they are not found in the biomes of the edges of the jungle. While jungles can be rare, finding a single tree can provide the player with large wooden planks. The jungle trees are also worth pursuing to start a cocoa bean farm.


Birches are more difficult to find than oaks and only found in a few biomes. There are two types of birch trees: the standard-sized birch and the rare tall version. Both can be disassembled on the same birch wood boards.

Birch is found exclusively in three biomes: forests, birch forests, and dark forests. Forest biomes tend to be more common and are the best source of birches. They are also great tree farms due to their rapid growth rates, although they only provide wooden planks and seedlings.


Since oak is the most common tree in Minecraft, oak wooden boards are the most common wooden boards in the game. There are three types of oak: standard oak, fancy oak, and swamp oak. Although they experience different shades and colors depending on the biome, they all have the same wooden board.

Oak can be expected in many biomes, such as bamboo jungles, Dark forests, forests, jungles, jungle edge, plains, rivers, savannas, swamps, wasteland forest plates, and forested mountains. Since they are found in rivers and plains, there should be at least one oak in almost every biome in the game. Oak farms are very useful because they produce apples in addition to oak boards, but it is recommended to use a standardized wax.


You may not see too many mangroves in the game, as they are only found in aptly named mangroves. The mentioned trees are visually unique because they usually contain many leaf blocks that form a huge canopy at the top.

Their other identifier is the long roots that come out of the ground of these trees and connect to the ground. Sometimes these roots are the only link with the ground, meaning you must climb a little to reach the trunks before turning them into planks.

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