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How to customize your wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Any great witch’s or wizard’s journey will be defined by their choice of wand. You need the correct wand, not just any wand if you want to be ready for whatever the ever-uncertain future may have for you. In the end, the wand picks the witch or wizard, not the other way around, as Hogwarts Legacy illustrates.

The shopkeeper gives the right wand once you enter Mr. Ollivander’s store and proceed through the required cutscene, highlighting a few ways that things might quickly go wrong if a witch or wizard is matched with the incorrect wand. After that, the player will switch to an interface where they can start personalizing their wand. You’ll initially be given a default wand, which you can swap out whenever you like.

There are a few different kinds of wood you can choose from. There are no right or wrong decisions, so select the most appealing option. The color of the wood can also be altered, but the selection is, again, very limited. The developers may have emphasized the game’s immersion component, but they may have overlooked that wand customization was extremely limited.

After making your selections, a slider you can move left or right on will allow you to confirm the wood type, length, and flexibility. Making decisions in this area with complete knowledge is impossible due to the lack of a fully working preview window. As you switch between various menus, your wand will be visible in the background, but many adjustments are not mirrored there.

Your character will use their wand for the first time in a cutscene once you finish this process and confirm their selections, much to Mr. Ollivander’s pleasure.

Can you change your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

However, you will be forced to use that wand for the remainder of the game once you confirm your choice. There is no way to duplicate this uniquely significant activity other than starting afresh with a fresh save file. So perhaps you’ll be content with the wand you end up getting.

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