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Mob spawning changes in Minecraft 1.18: All you need to know

Mob spawning changes in Minecraft 1.18

The mechanics of Minecraft are continuously being adjusted because of its regular content updates, and the most recent 1.18 update has made a few modifications to the way some monsters act, look and even spawn.

Many hostile and non-hostile entities’ spawn mechanics have been changed with the 1.18 release of Minecraft. The modifications are not significant, but they do modify the areas where players may look forward to seeing many more mobs in Minecraft.

In light of this, it’s important to examine all of the modifications made to mob spawning in version 1.18, even if they are later revised in new content updates.

Minecraft: Full list of mob spawning changes

The physics of mob spawning in Minecraft 1.18 have been altered in about ten different ways. Some of these adjustments are made expressly for mobs, while others affect how all mobs seem. Most modifications concern the locations and types of blocks that mobs can spawn on. Even if the adjustments aren’t significant, as was already mentioned, Minecraft veterans will notice them right away.

Below players can find a list of spawning changes that have been implemented for mobs in Minecraft 1.18:

  • Axolotls can now only spawn in the water above clay blocks in lush cave biomes.
  • Cod, dolphins, pufferfish, salmon, squid, and tropical fish will only spawn in water between height levels Y=50 and Y=64. However, these creatures can spawn in lush cave biomes’ water at any height.
  • Drowned zombies can now spawn in dripstone cave biomes and warm ocean biomes.
  • Pillagers can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Foxes can now spawn on podzol, snow, and coarse dirt blocks.
  • Glow squids now only spawn in water blocks under the height level Y=30.
  • Goats may now only spawn in snowy slope, jagged peaks, and snowy peak mountain biomes.
  • Rabbits can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Wolves can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Hostile mobs now spawn only in areas where the block light level is equal to zero.

As listed, most of the Minecraft changes tweak the spawning of mobs in snowy areas. However, axolotls and goats’ spawn behavior is now significantly more limited. This may make them easier to spot for players who know where to find them, though they won’t be as widely accessible as they were in Minecraft 1.17.

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